Monday, August 22, 2011

Broccoli Fields Forever

The presstitutes of MOMCOM are cranking out the Libyan propaganda today.

They tell the glory daze tale of "rebels" driving rusted out Toyota pickup trucks with rusted out AK-47 rifles who overthrew the Libyan government (the U.S. and NATO were not really involved of course, they just held hands).

We have discussed the reality of this episode in the global war for oil, while other blogs have sarcastically stated that the Libyan war is really about broccoli fields forever (wink, wink).

Once the "holy-capitalism batman" oil extraction and supply routes are secured for western civilization, MOMCOM will eventually provoke the masses of eastern civilization, eventually triggering a nuclear war.

Funny how "energy" (whether sicko oil, sicko coal, or sicko nuclear) is used in war as well as being the cause of these wars.

MOMCOM, you can't leave home or stay home without it anymore, until the next civilization.

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