Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On The Size of "Government" - 3

In this series we have been discussing the size of U.S. government, in the sense of it being not too big and not too small, in order to accomplish its valid and proper purpose and mission.

What we are finding out is that certain portions of "government" have grown grotesquely out of proportion to the rest of government, throwing the nation out of balance and out of kilter.

The medical photo to the left is an example of a case of elephantiasis of the scrotum which we use to illustrate the concept of a particular, specific imbalance of government, because we think that the government has elephantiasis in some of its member departments:
Limbs can swell so enormously that they resemble an elephant's foreleg in size, texture, and color.

This is the severely disfiguring and disabling condition of elephantiasis.
(Elephantiasis). This disease can result in one leg or arm becoming five or so times the normal size it should be if it was not diseased.

Some members of booyah government like to brag that their members have a lot of balls, but this has gone overboard into sheer madness.

What if the Social Security Administration, a government department, had offices (balls) everywhere the military does?

It would have 800 - 1000 office building complexes around the world in foreign nations.

The press would be the blind men around the elephant, an incompetent physician, never reporting the military disease so that it could be cured, rather they would say social security is the problem.

The press should not be participating in cover up of the oil wars like a loin cloth to perpetuate the national addiction to toxic hydrocarbons that are killing human life support systems, as well as helping to bankrupt the nation.

The Social Security Administration has served hundreds of millions of people, those who are employed now as well as those who are now collecting on their insurance policies.

The elephantiasis infected military has a tiny fraction of personnel in uniform by comparison to citizens involved with social security.

Yet the military has thousands of more facilities all around the world, and the military spends more taxpayer dollars than all the other military forces in all the other nations combined (classic elephantiasis!).

The Social Security Administration is quite efficient and economically healthy by comparison.
The Roches:


  1. I wonder if "castrating women" (in the psychological sense) would work here.

    The neoCon wack jobs in government want to do the deed, castrate uncle sam, however they want to cut out the heart and sacrifice it to Ronald Reagan rather than cut the bowling balls off big brother's warmonger penis.

    A new curse: may the bushie women ("bushies") like you

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  4. An article in the NY Times has some interesting graphs: Link