Thursday, July 21, 2011

Warriors Press For Propaganda - 3

This series began with a post which quoted the head of the Associated Press (AP) who had made a dramatic statement about the American press: "The Bush administration turned the U.S. military into a global propaganda machine" (Warriors Press For Propaganda).

If you think about it, that journalist was blaming the government for the fact that the press allowed itself to turn into a propaganda publishing profession.

The U.S. main stream media (MSM) was in bed with the military (remember "embedded journalists" in Iraq and Afghanistan?) publishing what the military propaganda masters told them too.

That is an abrogation of the duty of the free press, which is protected by the First Amendment.

They have a duty not to carry the water for the propagandists, yet they willingly did so and still do.

Rupert Murdoch is the heart and soul of today's for-profit "journalism", and his empire acts just like Big Brother of Orwellian infamy, or the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover:
First, there are the Dan Cooper allegations. Cooper is a former Fox employee who in 2008 wrote a blog post alleging that Ailes (or someone working for him) sought to harass liberal journalist and founder of Media Matters for America David Brock by securing copies of his telephone records and ensuring that Cooper served as a source for Brock on a story the latter was writing for New York magazine. Cooper also alleges that Ailes called up his agent, Richard Leibner, and demanded Leibner stop representing Cooper, lest audition tapes sent over to Fox by Leibner—the leading TV-personality agent in New York, apparently—mysteriously end up gathering dust. Finally there was a more general allegation that somewhere in the bowels of 1211 Sixth Avenue, the News Corp. building, there is some kind of “black ops” room, where oppo research is done on people Fox doesn’t like. Cooper says he knows because he designed it himself.
(Daily Beast). It is difficult to tell the main stream news media from a propaganda engine of Big Brother.

Because there isn't any difference.

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