Friday, June 24, 2011

Authoritarian Green Glow In The Dark - 3

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant
The Ecocosmology Blog had a post "Mafia Contract Out - On Mother Earth", some time back, concerning one treacherous policy of the Sicilian Mob.

A cynic might say that mob was acting like a "legitimate" government by dumping nuclear waste into the ocean.

We note that many would naturally think that no legitimate government would allow poisonous nuclear material to get into the water tables or waterways, at least not deliberately or on purpose.

The photo above is of the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant near Omaha, Nebraska, where the FAA is not allowing any aircraft to fly over, even though the plant is in a "cold" shutdown (right mouse-click for a larger version of the photo).

The red rectangle outlines the main nuclear power plant complex along the banks of the flooding Missouri River.

You can see that the place is flooded, with flood waters rising.

The previous post in this series has another photo and some more information, including a link to a story which says:
Tritium, which is a radioactive form of hydrogen, has leaked from at least 48 of 65 sites, according to U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission records reviewed as part of the AP's yearlong examination of safety issues at aging nuclear power plants. Leaks from at least 37 of those facilities contained concentrations exceeding the federal drinking water standard - sometimes at hundreds of times the limit. While most leaks have been found within plant boundaries, some have migrated offsite.
(Daily News). A Wikipedia article says "Tritium is potentially dangerous if inhaled or ingested. It can combine with oxygen to form tritiated water molecules, and those can be absorbed through pores in the skin. The low energy of tritium's radiation makes it difficult to detect".

We don't need a nuclear expert to tell us that the flood waters around and/or in a nuclear power plant complex, like Fort Calhoun, is going to seep down and become contaminated.

That water is then going downstream to contaminate places on the way to the Gulf of Mexico, which hardly needs any more pollution done to it for a thousand years.

The berm around the plant burst to let more water in closer to where they did not want it to go. More contaminated water will now go downstream.

Los Alamos National Lab, in New Mexico is in danger by another climate change related phenomenon: fire storms. An evacuation is in process.

Scientists are convinced that human civilization is causing global warming induced global climate change, which in turn is causing these weather problems.

Not only that, their climate models show it will get a lot worse.

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