Monday, June 20, 2011

Absolutism: Pabulum For The Insecure? - 2

One thing that shows up when empires are in final decay is a manic need for absolutism, evidently brought on by insecurities being promulgated throughout the populace.

As insecurity widens the gap between the governors and the governed distrust grows to the point where each can begin to demonize the other.

The government then begins to see the little, disturbed people as the problem, because the wealthy have the "what economic problems" mantra as their mainstay.

The reason for the escalation and institutionalization of this phenomenon is that, as the people are being plundered by the wealthy who control the money, the police, the military, and the media, insecurity goes through the roof.

That leads to massive propaganda campaigns.

How many times a day do we hear the word "security" and in how many contexts?

Financial instruments representing money in some way are called "securities", Homeland Security, Social Security, Security National this and that, and on and on.

The use of the word "stability" goes hand in glove with "security", as the controlling forces of MOMCOM often increase instability on purpose.

Let me offer a recent example.

One of the time-worn beliefs is that our science is stable, which means secure, in the language we call doublespeak.

I say that because in recent days one indication of the instability of scientific rhetoric has been leaking into the mass media.

Over at Ecocosmology Blog, the post Are We Really Sure How Stars Decline? - 2 goes into some detail about how the talk about the Sun going into an active phase suddenly changed into a discussion about how the Sun is going into an inactive phase.

This emphasizes an apparent instability in science, following in the recent but ongoing footsteps of our national financial instability, the uncertainty and therefore lack of stability in our understanding about what our government is doing by maintaining four wars, the instability of our power systems, and in general therefore a growing sense of insecurity.

Note also the relatively recent massive failure of the power grid in the northeast, the massive inefficiency of the power grid, hope for the power grid, the odd, gangly shape of the power grid, the government's mild mannered approach, and the mystery involved in some aspects of upgrading it:
"There is no theory to explain why these materials are superconducting," Selvamanickam said. "Another thing that gives me goose bumps is there are materials out there that could be superconducting at room temperature, and we don't know it yet."
(Science Daily). Now, lets get back to the issue of the Sun flip flopping and doing the opposite of what has been expected by scientists who where basing their statements on what science "knows".

They were saying the Sun was a danger to the power grid and global warming because it was going into an active phase as part of an 11 year cycle.

All of a sudden scientists are saying that the Sun may instead go into an inactive phase, which would mean the safety of the power grid will continue, plus a mini ice age instead of global warming may be coming up next.

Stability? Security?

Voila, change the propaganda message and "presto chango", problem gone?

Now what about jobs?

Guess we will have to wait and see ...

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