Friday, March 18, 2011

The Peak of Democracy

This is another post in the various "peak series" where we discuss the peak of various things around the world.

We have discussed peak oil in the series The Peak of Oil Wars, peak sanity in the post The Peak of Sanity series.

There are collateral issues these peaks tend to have an effect on, which we touch upon in: Iraq: Number One Oil Producer, Embryonic Look At Civilization's Future, Peak of Oil Lies, and Your Brain on Propaganda.

The overall theme in all of this is the peak of democracy then its demise brought on by the peak of authoritarianism.

These peaks are brought on by not only the outer persona of MOMCOM, but by the inner MOMCOM as well, the movie director behind the smoke, mirrors, and curtains.

Yes, the mechanism is ancient, the game is Democracy (the good voice of power) vs. propaganda (the bad voice of power), with democracy losing in the ninth inning as it were.

To the degree one of those is up ends up being the degree to which the other is down, as in a zero sum game.

One dictionary says that democracy is defined as:
"government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system."
(Dictionary). Our officials often describe it as "a government of law" rather than a "government of men", revealing their intellectual obscurity.

We pointed out in the series Is The Empress Taking Off Her Clothes, that law is simply the clothing worn by any nation or civilization at a particular time.

We went on to say that the law changes as fashion changes, as the democracy wars change the persona of nations, and as the toxins of power wax and wane.

Dictatorships have laws, socialist countries have laws, communist countries have laws, democracies have laws, republics have laws, and they all have men and women (it is not that rule of law excludes rule of men).

Japan had laws that govern nuclear plants, just like Russia did before, during, and after Chernobyl.

Today the news is talking about Japan's new backup plan to bury their mistakes like doctors do, like Russia did at Chernobyl I, as Japan may now have to do at Chernobyl II.

Japan followed the MOMCOM model to present a glossy, rosy picture to the public (the government in a democracy) which slowly eroded their democracy via propaganda (virtual overthrow of democratic government).

The people felt secure because they were "a nation of laws", laws said to be engendered to bring about the democratic notion of public safety and welfare.

Civilization is reaching the peak of every wrong as it passes the peaks of everything good it seems.

We can say that laws are inevitable, but that democracy is not.


  1. Good article on the use of eminent domain to steal land and funnel profits into corporate coffers and the pols who are on on the take pockets:

    Three eminent domain cases show corporatism in action

    Corporatism=Fascism with a smiley face. Did anyone possibly think that the fascists hadn't perfected their game since WWII? Maybe when enough people find that their primary occupation every day is finding a warm, safe place to sleep that night, they will wake up to the corporate con game.

  2. On the anniversary of Chernobyl the Japanese are planning to cover their Chernobyl II with "sand and concrete".

    Twenty five years later Chernobyl is still a toxic waste land.

    Earthquakes will crack the concrete in Japan so they will have to do it over and over again.

    Do they calculate that in the cost of nuclear power?