Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dredd Blog's Second Anniversary

Wow that was fast.

Thanks to all the readers of Dredd Blog who have made it an interesting year.

Hope you found something here that helped you in some way, made your day once in awhile, and challenged you always.

If not, there is always a chance it will happen in 2011.

The sad, the funny, the profane, the criminal, the wrong, the good, and the next are all happening. Everything is happening so it is difficult sometimes to catch what will help or inform most.

Two other blogs, Toxins of Power and Ecocosmology, were initiated during last year so that some specialized issues could be put there.

Keep the comments coming, they are a true value both for lurkers and for other bloggers who like to comment too.


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    I always enjoy watching what is going on at your place!


  2. Happy Two Dredd - here's to many more! You've amassed a pretty fair body of work in that time, and there's certainly more than enough opportunity going forward for more of the same. You and I have disagreed on occasion about the details, but on the big issues, we're always in tune, even if we're sometimes singing harmony.

    Marching in lockstep with unthinking, reactionary forces now seemingly given free-reign within our society is a temptation that we can no longer indulge. Modern communication technologies combined with the consolidation of corporate financial interests and the irresistible impulse toward global military imperialism has placed the US democratic experiment at more peril than ever before.

    Will we yet resist it? Remains to be seen. Fair to say that blogs like yours will be pivotal in determining the answer to that question. Keep up the good work!