Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Supreme Five Will Ride Again

The five "conservative" justices on the U.S. Supreme Court are the "supreme five", and those who watch the court know that it has been that way for a long time, at least since Bush v Gore.

Many people think Bush v Gore was an election that happened a long time ago, which is true in a sense, but most don't remember it was also a Supreme Court case where The Supreme Five voted to elect Bush II over the majority popular vote.

In that election 50,999,897 Americans voted for Gore, while 50,456,002 voted for Bush II (Gore got 543,895 more votes than Bush II; see Wikipedia).

The Five Supreme votes were worth more (50,999,897 / 5 = 10,199,979) than the 50,999,897 American majority who voted for Al Gore.

Thus, The Supreme Five each have a vote worth at least 10,199,980 other American votes, because they are exceptional, perhaps because they misunderinterpretated "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion" (Article IV, Section 4).

The next Bush v Gore was Citizens United v FEC (Bush v Gore, II), which affected the recent landslide election, for neoCon conservatives (the congress which had 438 + 100 = 538 votes, were outvoted by their 5 votes).

The Bush v Gore, III case is headed to the Supreme Court, and should get there in about a year, more or less, under the Conservatives vs. Obama Health Care cases.

Two courts have ruled in favor of the legislation, one against, and one is pending in Florida.

The basic thrust of these cases is that the federal government does not have authority to make people buy health insurance on pain of some penalty.

The states have forced people to purchase insurance for decades, and will put a citizen in jail for not driving with insurance, for example (i.e. not having insurance is not a privilege).

Likewise, banks force people to purchase home owner insurance as a condition of getting a mortgage.

Even though The Supreme Five (Alito, Kennedy, Roberts, Scalia, Thomas) are well oiled, they need to be normalized.

If not, it is likely that they will hold Obama's Healthcare provision, which compels American citizens to have health care coverage, unconstitutional.


  1. For those wishing to discuss the Health Care Law, cite chapter and verse:

    "But for those who submit articles for posting, or to comment, be sure to note that we do not suffer fools lightly, so back up contrary assertions with links to evidence that what you are saying is more than unfounded opinion." (Welcome To A Refuge)

    Unfounded ranting opinion is the garbage heap of cognition, so we seek to be a refuge from such things.

  2. Take note that blogger disaffected strongly dislikes the Health Care Reform Law and concurs with the recent federal court ruling that it is unconstitutional, thereby also disagreeing with the previous two federal court decisions that held it to be constitutional.