Thursday, January 28, 2010

EUROPA - The Giant Invisible

Why the big story is always covered up for Americans is no mystery.

That is the way the blinding flashers of the Main Stream Media (MSM), like MSNBC for example, want it to be.

You and I must be bottle fed with all the news the MSM thinks is relevant, but be protected from all the news they do not think is relevant.

That is why you and I probably do not know all we should about The United States of Europe, or Europa, as they call themselves, in many languages.

There are 27 states in The United States of Europe (EU) with similarities to the 50 United States of America.

Germany, one of the 27, was the largest single exporter state on the planet Earth until last year when China took over first place.

Thus, Europa is no insignificant factor in the world today since only one of its states still exports more than the entire 50 United States of America put together.

The best we can do is to say that one of our states, California, would be the fifth largest economy if it were considered to be a lone state.

That may be changing since California is in great trouble economically, as is another of the 50, New York.

There is a cost to your wallet for our holding first place, bar none, in warmongering.

Europa can't hold a candle to what we spend on war and WMD, in fact, all the world together can't out do us in the business of war.

Our economic downfall is the cost of doing that war business.


  1. I think the theme of the "nanny state" might be relevant here as well. While the GOP loves to hammer the fact that we've become a liberal nanny state domestically in the wake of WWII, with the plethora of social programs it and the Great Depression generated (granted for the sake of argument), pehaps they should focus more on the fact that we became the world's military protectorate nanny state as well, what with the rebuilding effort, and, far more importantly, the military state that deemed itself the "world's policeman," especially when we still had that great boogeyman the USSR around to fight.

    Unfortunately, when the wall fell in 1989-90, the alleged peace dividend turned out to be merely a mirage in the desert sands of the Gulf Oil region, as we just couldn't bear to part with the illusion that we had so carefully cultivated over the previous 40 years. Now its exceedingly apparent that the US, like some narcissistic old nanny, just can't let go of the idea that all the world's her offspring and in need of her protection, in spite of the fact that they're all grown and doing fine now, while she's on life support sitting in a nursing home, waiting for the end to come.

    I know, it reads like something out of Pink Floyd's the wall, but if the shoe fits...

    Momma's gonna make all of your nightmares come true
    Momma's gonna put all of her fears into you
    Momma's gonna keep you right here under her wing
    She won't let you fly, but she might let you sing

    Wonder if momma's ever gonna wake up, or if she'll just die delusional?

  2. Europa clearly shows that "socialism" is not what the neoCons here say it is. They have health care in Europa at a fraction of what it costs us.

    Europa clearly shows that warmongering is not the key to economic success either.

    The sleeping giant Europa, more economically mighty than the U.S. or China is happening big time in real time.

    While we begin to wither under the toxic poison of militancy and dream of the past.

  3. Betting?

    Europa still lacks the population panache of China.

    The future of the world is Asia, for better or worse. Not that the future is necessarily better (or worse). Just that the Asians have it. If nothing else, it's their turn.


  4. disaffected,

    The Chinese will have to beat Europa because we are not going to.

    Let the wit wars begin.