Friday, December 10, 2010

The Circle W Cowboys - 3

In the previous episodes of this series, "The Circle W Cowboys - 2" for example, we expanded upon the theme set forth in "A 'W' On Every Compass Point" to show how a myopic meme complex is born and raised in Washington.

The name that has stuck to that meme complex is "business as usual" (BAU).

The White House, Congress, and the Judiciary are full, and seemingly permanent, members of the BAU meme complex, even though from time to time they seek to repudiate their membership in BAU, campaigning on that premise incessantly.

But for the most part BAU captivates and changes them so they never change BAU, as their campaign rhetoric promises would indicate.

We can see it for absolutely certain in The W Tax Cut scenario, which is now a raging bull, a heart-throb part of BAU over at The Circle W.

The script, talking points, or shall we say meme complex mantra from the BAU says that if we don't do the tax cuts for the rich, we could go into recession again.

Listen you self-hypnotized BAU zombies, these tax cuts combined with runaway war spending, combined with borrowing from Japan & China caused the recession in the first place.

Your proposal, Mr. W Obama of The Circle W BAU, adds over a Trillion Dollars ($1,000,000,000,000) to what is already a gigantic mindless deficit.

When you say it stimulates the economy, I agree.

It is just that this tax cut proposal for the rich, by the rich, stimulates the economy in the wrong direction, the destructive, mindless W direction.

The sane direction, the proper medicine, is cutting mindless war spending instead of more of the same idiotic poisons.

Get real and lose the denial.


  1. Who knew we'd get a W imposter when we voted for NoBama?

    Michele Bachman - she of the massive void between the ears - is on Today lying through her teeth as we speak, talking about a carpet layer and his brother in Sheboygan with $250K in gross sales. Earth to Bachman, first of all that's a business, and gross sales are NOT profit OR personal income. Not to mention, if they actually did rake in $250K of income each, they'd get the middle class tax break on all of it. They only pay the higher rate on every dollar ABOVE $250K.

    GOP - piss poor liars!

  2. It is quite revealing that Obama is arguing against Democrats, arguing for Republicans, and arguing for the W tax cuts to zillionaires.

    Clearly, that is the W direction, like the advocacy for offshore deep water drilling was (catastrophe), like arguing for surges in Afghanistan was (catastrophe), and like bailing out the banksters was (catastrophe).

    Perpetuating the W catastrophes must be "haaarrrrdddd wwwweeeerrrrrkkkkk".

  3. Uh oh, the Imposter's pulling out all the stops.

    Bill Clinton's Surprise Appearance to Back Obama Tax Deal Recalls Bygone Era

    Wow, I'm so impressed. The original dem sellout coming to the rescue of his junior Imposter sellout protege. With dipshits like these, who needs Repubes?

    The Imposter just keeps digging himself a deeper and deeper hole. Only 25 more months until we're rid of this chameleon loser.

  4. I thought it was bad taste to push Clinton under the bus along with a bad idea (tax cuts for daddy warbucks).

    It was done to pressure the democrats to cave, not to wise up the republicans.


  5. Clinton looked like death warmed over too. I think they'd better put him back on junk food before he croaks. Some people are just plain meant to carry a few extra pounds.

    Clinton was the original Repube appeaser, whose "reforms" we now know set us up for our current financial woes. Thanks to his deregulation and W's tax giveaways we're in our current mess, one we're not going to climb out of without crippling and long lasting pain.

    The last legitimate Democratic President was Jimmy Carter, and we know how that one worked out. MOMCOM even had their hooks into Kennedy and Johnson, so the co-opting had already begun that far back. I wonder if Eisenhower knew even more than he was letting on when he made his famous 1961 farewell speech warning of the dangers posed by MOMCOM? Hmm...