Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Will Elections Cure The Disease?

As time goes on in the USA, fewer and fewer people think that election time is a time to bring some cure to the governing process. It is more often than not a time to express anger. A time to throw some bums out in anger, not really contemplating the consequences of simply venting anger so much that worse candidates replace the current losers. Is this a symptom of something? If I were to say that maybe now, but for sure in the future as our economy crawls back to 3, 4, 5 or 6 percent unemployment, more U.S. citizens will begin to lose their minds than will lose homes, jobs, or health care, would you believe it? The statistics can be said to fairly lead an analyst slowly but surely toward such a conclusion:
Starting on Jan. 1, our 79-million-strong baby boom generation will be turning 65 at the rate of one every eight seconds. That means more than 10,000 people per day, or more than four million per year, for the next 19 years facing an increased risk of Alzheimer’s. Although the symptoms of this disease and other forms of dementia seldom appear before middle age, the likelihood of their appearance doubles every five years after age 65. Among people over 85 (the fastest-growing segment of the American population), dementia afflicts one in two. It is estimated that 13.5 million Americans will be stricken with Alzheimer’s by 2050 — up from five million today.
(The Age of Alzheimer's, emphasis added). That is statistical, but the greater factor is mystical:
Alzheimer's is the most common form of dementia, a general term for memory loss and other intellectual abilities serious enough to interfere with daily life. Alzheimer's disease accounts for 50 to 70 percent of dementia cases. ... Alzheimer's has no current cure ... ... The most common early symptom of Alzheimer's is difficulty remembering newly learned information because Alzheimer changes typically begin in the part of the brain that affects learning. As Alzheimer's advances through the brain it leads to increasingly severe symptoms, including disorientation, mood and behavior changes; deepening confusion about events, time and place; unfounded suspicions about family, friends and professional caregivers; more serious memory loss and behavior changes; and difficulty speaking, swallowing and walking.

(Alzheimer Association, emphasis added). There is no current cure because there is no current knowledge of its cause sufficient for successful treatment, meaning of course that Alzheimer's is for the most part a mystery. In our Etiology of Social Dementia series we offer the hypothesis that the systemic policy of propaganda that has infected our entire economic, military, and political process for close to a century now, is a prime suspect. That is, since propaganda is deceit, which intentionally removes a person's contact with some reality, it is designed to remove, in some degree, a person's touch with what is actually going on. In short, we have a systematic policy of propaganda / deceit which infects the citizenry with the beginning stages of Alzheimer's, in that, "spin" and "creating one's own reality" is actually a distortion of reality in various degrees, with a specific purpose attached to that intentional distortion. Decades of that practice have produced a governmental / corporate system that is not in touch with the realities of the cosmos, the ecosystem of this planet, and a proper understanding of proper direction. The nation has a mild form of Alzheimer's that is growing, and is going to increase into a serious case, if the propaganda / deceit system is not stopped.

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  1. How fitting that symptoms of Alzheimer's, an ACTUAL disease, are manifesting themselves as a virtual disease in our politics and public policies. Some poetic and/or cosmic justice there I think.

    On the flip side, today is a good day, as the democrats face the first of many virtual firing squads at the hands of their constituents. No, it won't solve a damn thing, and yes, the GOP wing nuts and Tea Party loons will be an altogether worse solution, but the dems had a once in a lifetime chance to actually step up to the plate and knock one out of the park, and they stood with the bat on their shoulder while the GOP threw them three fat ones right down the middle of the plate - to borrow a baseball metaphor (my condolences Texas fans).

    Sorry dems, you're out of there - for GOOD as far as I'm concerned. As long as we're going to be governed by two blatantly corrupt, corporate sellout political parties, we might as well get the one that does so unapologetically and unflinchingly, rather than the one that cowers in the shadows and sells out our best interests behind closed doors.

    Obama will be a lame duck starting tomorrow, and I only wish we could send him to the showers immediately as well. For all the talk about "change we could believe in," his lasting legacy will be the permanent end of the democratic party as we know it. Couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch.

  2. The witches in the political parties are offering us same hex marriage but we should decline.

    We want new, sane political parties NOW!

  3. good blog in how propaganda can warp our minds

  4. Send him to the showers? Revolting choice of metaphor. 6 years later and no minority in the U.S. can afford to let a comment like that slide as the white supremacist -backed kleptocracy takes hold. The propaganda-fed collective dementia is stronger, louder and angrier than ever.