Thursday, November 4, 2010

GOP vs. Global Warming "Hoax" & Health

A recent Dredd Blog post pointed out that military scholars & strategists reveal their thinking which includes the notion that Health Care Reform is the greatest enemy of MOMCOM.

This GOP logic sees domestic programs that help Americans as a threat to the military that spends more on WMD, armies, navies, air forces, and military bases than all the rest of the industrial nations combined, who have ten times a greater population than we do.

It would follow then, considering an article by Marc Ambinder, that the "greatest hoax of all time" is their second worst enemy:
Rep. Joe Barton [R-TX], the chairman of the [House] energy committee ... plans to hold high profile hearings examining the alleged "scientific fraud" behind global warming ...
(The Atlantic). Yes, that is the Joe Barton who apologized to BP after the White House leaned on BP to help Deepwater Horizon victims, then he and his cronies later on in the day critized the Obama Administration for not being hard enough on BP.

The dems have been very slow to declare war on these two heinous crimes being perpetrated against "the people", so the neoCons want to get right after these two great enemies (global warming hoax & health care reform).

I guess that makes social security the third worst enemy, which leaves one wondering why they are spending most of the fisc on wars (going on longer than WW II by now) against lesser enemies.

I am sure they will have a rap for that.


  1. With the economy already in the tank and headed for new lows in the near future, any pretensions of addressing global warming/climate change will shortly be laid to rest. The last two years proved conclusively that even with democratic majorities across the board, there is simply not the political/economic will in this country to address such a long term, complex, and economic disruptive issue.

    I've felt all along that our political and actual physical window of opportunity slammed shut in Nov of 2000 when GWB swept into power. After that it was a foregone conclusion that it just wouldn't get done politically, and many of the leading scientists now feel that its simply too late to avoid the cataclysmic effects as well.

    Worse still, as that perception takes hold, the incentives will flip for current generations to go ahead and maximize current energy consumption while it's still possible, with the sure knowledge both that future resources will be depleted and that cataclysmic climate effects will spell doom for our species as a whole, never mind our first world living standards.

    I'm sure that's what's behind most of MOMCOM's current activities. Exclusive access to the remaining energy supplies will be of paramount importance as the supplies start to dry up, and say what you want about the neocons, they're NOTHING if not opportunistic.

    Damn! Getting old and close to the end of the line is looking more appealing all the time.

  2. "economic disruptive issue"

    If they were to begin to get real as to the costs and disruption of not reacting to global warming caused by oil addiction, it could disrupt the recession and start an economy again.

    Like you say, the political soul is too sick to do anything bright.

    "cataclysmic climate effects will spell doom for our species as a whole"

    I think this current civilization will go down (doomed), leaving a residue around the globe to try to make a better civilization next time, but after that who knows.

    Doom for our entire species in the near term is more likely come from all out nuclear war than from climate catastrophe.

  3. "headed for new lows in the near future"

    This month's jobs report was up to 151,000, and they revised last month's up from about 60,000 to about 101,000 (+252,000 jobs in private sector in two months).

    Inflation, however, is probably worse that Bernanke realizes.