Thursday, October 21, 2010

Glorious Addictions - War & Oil - 2

In the first post of this series, Glorious Addictions - War & Oil, we touched upon the national addiction to oil and war.

It is true according to various officials that America is addicted to both of these two.

I would hasten to modify that notion, when it comes to oil, to include all of the nations in our current civilization.

No nation is not a junkie in that sense, when it comes to oil addiction.

In this post I do want to focus on the U.S. version of the addiction, because it is a different addiction when compared to the addiction that manifests in some of the other nations.

The U.S. does seem to be the most addicted to war, in as much as we spend more on war and the military that produces it, than the other nations combined.

That much is clear when you include all of U.S. expenditures in that regard.

Dredd Blog uses MOMCOM to refer to the entire complex that makes up the whole of the addiction scenario.

The Military, Oil, Media Complex (MOMCOM) is the full description of that realm.

One interesting thing about this is that these entities are addicted to each other.

The military is addicted to oil, the media is addicted to the money it takes to construct the interface between the military, big oil, and the citizenry.

Tanks, ships, rockets, and the whole host of combat vehicles must have oil to work their mayhem and destruction.

The media must have money to exist, big oil needs to advertise how good it is, and the military must sell glory, so each one leans on the other to supply a need.

A Closer Look At MOMCOM's DNA shows us how the citizenry is captivated to be included in this complex configuration and drama that plays like a gang drug war over turf.

Where they all merge is explained in The Peak Of The Oil Wars series, which shows that we are fighting other nations for the "stuff" of the addiction, oil, as it also shows how the media covers all this up, giving new meaning to "news coverage".

The ultimate dichotomy is that the oil & war addiction is not saving us or making us secure, as the media claim on behalf of oil and war.

The opposite is the case.

The massive reaction to the warnings of scientists about what oil is doing to the Earth, the ecosystem, is to urge the citizenry to believe global warming and climate change are the greatest hoax of all time.

This is an attempt by the greatest hoax to divert attention from themselves.

Either way MOMCOM plays its cards, it will destroy civilization in the process.


  1. Raw Story covered the Bush II general who said his regime would tell any lie so the Iraq war could go forward.

  2. There is another Raw Story showing that cash in bags comes from Iran and the U.S. to pay for various favors, much like drug dealers do.