Sunday, September 19, 2010

State Crimes Against Democracy - 5

One of the things Candidate Obama did not make clear became one of the first things President Obama did make clear.

Obama made clear that there would be no accountability in the United States for state crimes against democracy (SCAD) committed by the Bush II regime.

Obama used, as the rationale for his de facto pardon of Bush II and Cheney I, the meaningless phrase "we must move forward", as if traditional accountability means "moving backwards".

I think one of the many reasons why Obama said and did that was because he was not sure his administration would not also commit SCAD.

During the transition from the Bush II regime to the Obama administration regime, Obama chose to keep as his own certain members of the Bush II regime.

For example the pro-war Secretary Robert Gates.

Soon President Obama's financial team included elites from the Wall Street gang (Geitner, Brown, and others) who were elevated early on in the Obama regime to perpetuate the Bush II TARP and other big-bank bailouts.

Thus the massive economic SCAD was followed by a massive increase of troops in Afghanistan, which perpetuated even more SCAD.

Dredd Blog pointed out the direction the country was going, the very small minority of Americans that believe we are going in the correct direction, and the vast majority who believe we are going in the WRONG direction.

Since then things have become worse even as the Obama regime pumps out propaganda that makes the bushies proud, urging us to think things have gotten better, now even inexplicably emphasizing "the differences" between him and the bushies in his cabinet and the bushies in his White House.

"We could go back to bailing out rich folks and increasing war efforts if the republicans are let back into office" he glibly reads from the Teleprompter, while conveniently forgetting that "his people" will still be in the cabinet and in the White House once he is gone, just as they were before he slicked in.

Our series on SCAD, beginning with State Crimes Against Democracy, then proceeding prior to this current post to State Crimes Against Democracy - 4, primarily concerned the formidable psychological machinations which people must hurdle in some types of subject matter before they can even allow such concepts to enter their mind, much less make unbiased conclusions or observations.

That is not as difficult now, when it comes to the economy, following the widely unpopular bailouts of the wealthy banksters.

A great many people see the banking "industry" (banksters) as criminals, so when those banksters get into government the notion of State Crimes Against Democracy (SCAD) is easier to swallow.

When those crimes are linked to the Afghanistan war, which the Obama regime has tripled, especially in the context of the corrupt criminal regime there in Afghanistan, it is also easier for the people to swallow the notions of SCAD.

To the public (wee the people) it is a SCAD when government lies to them, a SCAD to send their children to die for dubious reasons, a SCAD to send their hard earned tax dollars to foreign nations while at the same time they loose jobs, homes, hope, and health here at home.

Furthermore, as they lose faith in "their" government here at home, other SCAD evidence will become easier for them to swallow.

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  1. More and more folks are beginning to realize the government is like the republican party, in that, it too can be subverted by a few wackos.

    It does not take all that many.

    This link shows as much and more.

  2. Hurray for this new concept of SCADS! The American people aren't merely taking back control of public information (via the Internet). They are also taking back control of language. Something I never imagined would happen in my life time. I talk about my own close encounter with a few SCADS (e.g. people on the Federal Witness Protection Program who were known drug dealers and people who did not want information disseminated regarding the true origin of HIV) between 1987 and 2002 in my recent memoir THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY ACT: MEMOIR OF AN AMERICAN REFUGEE ( I currently live in exile in New Zealand.

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  4. The Inspector General of the DOJ confirms FBI wrongdoing during 2001-2006:

    FBI Spied on PETA, Greenpeace, Anti-war Activists