Sunday, September 12, 2010

Honest People Shine In This Darkness - 2

True researchers, true scientists, and true Americans have shown up to rise to the top of the news again.

Some of our scientist friends are getting to the bottom of it by finding one of the Deepwater Horizon plumes which was said to have evaporated into the atmosphere.

The reality is that these marine biologists have found the once-mobile plume now laying down on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

They find it probable that other plumes have done likewise, but that yet other plumes are still travelling in the currents, like a submarine the size of Manhattan Island, under the surface of the gulf waters.

In previous posts Dredd Blog attempted to remind readers that the government and BP were doing a significant amount of play pretend by implying that the Gulf was now cleaned up.

The most horrible of damage to the environment will go on for years, as BP spends millions on propaganda campaigns to generate a false impression that they are good for the environment.

They also pump millions into campaigns to deceive the public into believing that green house gases will not lead to the demise of civilization as we know it.


  1. Anyone wonder about the petfood industry and if they are considering cost over caution ?

  2. Anonymous,

    If you are asking how the Deepwater Horizon disaster will effect pet food, the question might be:

    "Will the contaminated areas of the Gulf of Mexico be considered an area good enough to fish for pet food, but not good enough for human consumption?"

    To many folk there is no distinction, because pollution is poison to every living being which every other living being depends on.

    Thus, a let down on pet food is a let down on all of us.

    That would be a better way to look at it than "Hey lets feed the poisoned fish and animals to the dogs" wouldn't it?