Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Democrats Pay How Much For War? - 3

In this series Dredd Blog has been asking "how many seats will the democrats loose" due to their indiscriminate continuation of military spending for the hideous and unpopular wars.

The thrust of Dredd Blog's criticism of the democratic party was that they did not follow up on campaign promises which turned the bushies out of office, but instead the democrats turned into bushie lites (The Circle W Cowboys) instead.

Here are some sample posts that deal with this point: Democrats Pay How Much For War - 2, The Rise of the Machine Intolerance, and What Was Rejected.

Following yesterday's primaries, we now have indications that for the first time since the not-so-great Depression the republican primaries pulled more voters to the voting booth than the democratic primaries did:
For the first time since the 1930s, participation in Republican primaries exceeds participation in Democratic primaries ...
(NY Times). Obviously the democrats, led by President Obama with his W compass, have not read the tea leaves properly for the past two years, choosing instead to forget the left and move to the right under the dubious political reasoning that the neoCons would reward them for so doing.

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