Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why Does MOMCOM Hate America? - 2

In the first episode we quoted General and later President Eisenhower who said that the military entitlement mentality would end up as "humanity hanging on a cross of iron".

Can we make Eisenhower's case?

The graph shows that the endless U.S. wars have been good for MOMCOM, because the companies that she-it is composed of are warsters of war profiteering infamy.

Notice the steep rise in income of the top 1% who compose MOMCOM following the beginning of the Bush II wars, shown by the vertical red line.

This has given MOMCOM incentive to catapult the propaganda against civil government offices (congress, president, judiciary) via the mainstream media's incessant put down of the civil government, along with the incessant effort to make heroes of the military.

The take-down of McChrystal was an indirection operation designed to give the appearance that the civil government representatives of the people have more power and are in charge over the military, but if that was true the wars would have ended long ago, in accord with the express will of the majority.

The bleep goes on.

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