Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Baptism of Oilah Akbar

According to religious tenets "baptism" is the immersion of a person into water, symbolizing the death of the old "bad self", then being retrieved out of that water symbolizing a resurrection to a new and "better self".

The baptisers also believe that Jesus was baptised in the Jordan river by John the Baptist.

Most of those religionists of American Churchianity also believe that followers of Jesus may do whatever they want to the environment, teaching that it was made for them to do with it as they please.

Their theme song lyrics for this doctrine might be "its yo thang ... do whatcha wanna do".

That dogma has led to a change in the aroma of baptisms at the spot where Jesus was said to have been baptised:
Environmentalists claim that the hallowed spot along the Jordan River where Christians believe John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ has become too filthy for human use.

"Untreated sewage continues to flow both directly and indirectly into the river," said Gidon Bromberg of Friends of the Earth Middle East, a group calling for baptism to be banned at a site where thousands of Christian pilgrims immerse themselves each year in the green-brown water.
(Washington Post). It almost goes without saying that these right wing dogmas now give new meaning to "dipshit".

These right wing tenets are also believed in the Oilah Akbar religion of modern civilization, where it is taught that the faithful should be baptised in oil in more ways than one.

The dogma basically asserts that the baptism of Oilah Akbar represents the death of the "bad self" of human civilization, and a resurrection to a gas guzzling "better self" civilization addicted to the toxins of Oilah Akbar.

The death aspects of the oily religion are hidden from public view and cognition most of the time, because Deepwater Horizon catastrophic spills do not take up the news cycle every day.

But each and every day the earth is baptized in the noxious chemicals, green house gases, and plastic garbage the faithful adherents of Oilah Akbar cover it with.

The first part of the "bad self" of the earth that will die from toxic poisoning will take out world civilization with it, because the truth is that oily civilization is the bad part of the world of nations.

What will rise in its place is unknown, but it will be a "better self" as far as the survival of the environment is concerned, because the toxins will diminish.

The remaining unknown is whether or not the new civilization will be able to finally figure out what planet it is on, what the environment really is, and from that time forward stay away from the ecocide of the modern worship of the toxins of the Oilah Akbar religion.

Since "apocalypse" means revelation, a revealing, I guess this is an apocalyptic post about the coming baptism by fire, and how to avoid it on a planetary scale.

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