Monday, June 14, 2010

The Greene Party

This blog has written about the vulnerability of electronic voting machines a time or two.

For example see Election Conspiracy Confirmed? written in March of this year.

A year before that we did the post Election Officials' Lack of Integrity which concerned criminal prosecutions for election fraud in Kentucky.

Now what has been called conspiracy theories all these years has raised its ugly head and everybody is a conspiracy theorist it seems:
Depending on whom you ask, Alvin Greene's electoral victory in Tuesday's South Carolina primaries is either evidence that voting machines don't work, or that the Republican Party is planting phony candidates in Democratic races -- or both
(Raw Story). We pointed out that this is a tired old story in the post Carpet Baggage, detailing complaints, analysis, and warnings going back decades.

The thing that seems to have changed in this story is that the election fraud is far more brazen that it used to be, reminding us of the words of the election master Stalin who is purported to have said: "Voters decide nothing, those who count the votes decide everything".

UPDATE: The Democratic Party in N.C. voted not to dis this primary, and the opponent decided not to appeal their decision.


  1. I was gonna comment on this one earlier. It's South Carolina of all places! What do you expect? You know, rather than wait for the dumb bastards to secede again, maybe we should just go ahead and expel them? Just an idea.

    I'm diggin' the new blog look.

  2. Thought I would try it. No commercials either ;) ...

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