Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obama Doubles Down On Propaganda -2

Some commentators were miffed by the Dredd Blog post Obama Doubles Down On Propaganda because we pointed out that President Obama indicated that when BP and the federal government were done with the Gulf of Mexico it would be better than it ever had been.

He repeated it again yesterday from the Gulf, indicating that "we" would return to normal and things would be better than ever.

Bullsh*t, that is not the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Instead, that is lame bloviating by an amateur who recently exposed his technological naivete by bloviating about how good the technology for oil drilling is now, making it safe for all things, and urging us all to believe that catastrophic oil spills were a thing of the past (that was 3 weeks before Deepwater Horizon exploded, sank, and created an oil volcano).

It is worthy to note that his words were a mirror of statements that had been made by Bush II when he also lifted the administrative ban on new deep water offshore drilling leases.

President Obama seems to have a dearth of his own democratic speech writers, so he is resorting to cut and paste from old neoCon dogma and doctrine it would seem.

So now, as we pointed out in From State Secrets To State Propaganda, Obama is becoming a natural propagandist embarrassed by his own folly, and fenced in by his conflicts of interest.

It will not work, because each year we will remember these words and compare the actual destruction of habitat to his destruction of the applicable facts of reality. (Spicing up one of the the other debacles, "minerals just found in Afghanistan" propaganda is belied by old reports of the same data.)

Why bring the extinction of civilization closer when you can stave it off if you try?


  1. Obama's really starting to lose it, ain't he? That was an incredibly stupid and insensitive remark to say things were going to be "better than ever." Truth is, this is going to be a multi-generational nightmare even if they plugged the leak today. If it's true that the sea floor is hemorrhaging in multiple places, we might very well have a disaster of global proportions on our hands. Needless to say, Obama might as well not even run in 2012 if that's the case. We'll see what he's got to say tonight, but if he keeps up that kind of talk he's going to be looking for political cover for the rest of his ill-begotten term.

  2. Yeah, he is desperate, because he is surrounded by desperadoes.

    It is contagious.

    Truth is a bit different, an individual must learn it for themselves, it can't be "caught" like a disease because it is not a disease like propaganda is.

    I hurt for him and those like him, so to stay sane I must stay thirsty.

    A la Shakespere, he can play Bush II and we can play Gonzo.

    I just wish he could figure out that if he goes down it will be by those who are "protecting" him, not by we who are the Gonzos.