Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Open Thread

What national policy has us addicted to the plastic industry which is addicted to the oil industry which is addicted to the military industry which is addicted to controlling the media message?

Our plastic addiction has built 5 floating garbage island - continents, one or two of which are twice the size of Texas, which would be a large state, almost as big as Alaska.

Why don't we face up to reality and call them The Plastic States of America because we have demonstrated that we cannot JUST SAY NO !!!

We tell the kids don't get addicted, just say no, but we do not practice what we preach, thus the MOMCOM message is: "do as I say, not as I do".

UPDATE: On the election scene, this blog has been indicating that troubles for democrats in November will come from their tendency to shoot themselves in the foot and by continuing Bush II policies.

The election yesterday in Florida bears that out in the sense the republican ran on an anti Obama Health Care rap, but lost the race big time.


  1. Good points. Most people only think of the obvious fuel shortages when they think of peak oil issues at all. Fact is, petro chemicals are part of almost every industry you can think of, including food, clothing, and pharmaceuticals. Peak oil is going to affect us in deeply profound ways that most people never consider.

    It also supports otherwise unsustainable population levels, so part of our long term adjustment will be a population reduction of at least a few billion people, something MOMCOM IS paticularly well equipped to deal with. I'm sure that fact has already been duly noted and is part of the long term agenda.

    China's ongoing industrialization must scare the shit out of our current political masters, and not for the economic or military competition that might imply, but simply because their energy needs will soon dwarf ours, and they're a lot better situated politically and geographically to access much of the remaining stores. And, of course, lest anyone forget, they hold the trump card in almost any dispute we might get into with them, in the form of all that ultimately worthless US government debt.

    Other than MOMCOM, whose life blood is cheap oil, we've pretty much got no face cards left to play, a fact that the whole world will realize before it ever dawns on the American people, who have bought into the mass delusion of "American Exceptionalism." The only remaining question after that will be whether or not we let the nukes fly as part of one last grand, heroic, albeit ultimately suicidal gesture? I'm betting that by that time we'll have a totalitarian right wing bunch in charge, so the answer to that question will be an obvious and emphatic "OH HELL YES!"

  2. disaffected,

    What you say in your post would have been unthinkable a generation or less ago, but it is a reality now that cannot be ignored away.

    It is time for cosmic adulthood it would seem.

  3. Another way of saying "do as I say, not as I do" is "leadership bankruptcy".

    Our "leaders" are really inept followers of people without vision.