Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hey Brother Can You Spare A Dime?

The caption for the photo from Newsweek says it is a photo of President Obama's brother who lives in Kenya.

There are millions of Americans who have lost jobs, homes, savings, health insurance, and hope for the future here at home.

Many live under bridges or in tents in the cold.

Some of them, but not most by any stretch of the imagination, brought it on themselves, like President Obama's brother did.

Nevertheless, there is not enough of the people's money in their own Treasury to help them now, because the war in Afghanistan, war in Iraq, brewing war in the Americas, grumblings in the middle east, and the bankers who "need" trillions of dollars, take top priority.

It gives new meaning to "yes we can", once repeated like a New Orleans mantra by those who voted for Obama.

That is because the bankers, insurance companies, and the Pentagon are the ones saying "yes we can" now.

The ones who voted for McCain.

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