Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Military To "Drill" For Oil In S. America?

It was little noticed in U.S. media that the military oil complex is "shopping for oil" south of the mainland in Central and South America:
The United States is massively building up its potential for nuclear and non-nuclear strikes in Latin America and the Caribbean by acquiring unprecedented freedom of action in seven new military, naval and air bases in Colombia.

And, this being US foreign policy, a tell-tale trail of oil is evident. Brazil had already expressed its unhappiness at the presence of US naval vessels in its massive new offshore oilfields off Rio de Janeiro, destined soon to make Brazil a giant oil producer eligible for membership in Opec.

The fact that the US gets half its oil from Latin America was one of the reasons the US Fourth Fleet was re-established in the region's waters in 2008. The fleet's vessels can include Polaris nuclear-armed submarines – a deployment seen by some experts as a violation of the 1967 Tlatelolco Treaty, which bans nuclear weapons from the continent.
(Independent, emphasis added). One wonders if this is a phenomenon of the magic Christmas number 30 we recently discussed.

Under that military doctrine so long as 30 or less are likely to be killed in Afghanistan, the local commanders can do what they want there.

Is this doctrine applicable to say 30 nuclear submarines, 30 warships, 30 attack helicopters, 30 air to ground missiles, 30 divisions of marines, or 30 nuclear warheads?

There must be some reason Obama does not talk about this, is it because he does not know or because he is in denial about our oil addiction?

If he knew he would probably be emphasizing the job increase taking place in an incredible job surge in certain sectors.

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