Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Republican Seed Rejects NeoCons

John "Orange Man" Boehner declared that Anh "Joseph" Cao is the future of the Republican Party.

Which would mean that the neoCons are doomed to lose control of the GOP.

No complaints here.

Cao voted for HR 3962, the health care reform bill, which helped it pass 220-215 last night.

He was the only republican to vote for it, surprising Minority Whip Eric Cantor who had stated "no republican will vote for this bill".

That of course sets the stage for the neoCon elements, who have infested and ruined the Republican Party, to declare that Cao is not a republican.


  1. Where is that picture from?

  2. The little girl is a victim of the "war on terror" who lives with millions of others in camps away from home.