Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rebel Science: All 9/11 Is Local

This blog has risked its life by starting an "All _____ is local" series.

Of course it was spawned by the meme "all politics is local" which was purportedly started by Tip O'Neill, a consumer of Irish whiskey.

Even though Irish whiskey is not our lot, the notion of "local" is such a wonderful fantasy myth that we "locals" here at Dredd Blog figured "why not"?

Encouraged by our little mythos we have so far published "All Security Is Local" and "All Weather Is Local".

We now add this post about all 9/11 being local too. The trials of 9/11 suspects taking place in New York makes it especially local.

But there are as many theories about 9/11 as there are local places where people live and work.

We have documented that in 9/11 related posts which show a variety of 9/11 opinions.

There is no fear here of the mob psychology which says you cannot question the 9/11 Commission Report.

For one reason, the majority of 9/11 Commissioners on that commission question those conclusions.

So why can't we consider those who question it together with what it is they question?

If you don't question them that is fine with us, but don't get bitchy about it if we look into it further like the FBI is doing or as these 41 counter-terrorism professionals are doing.

Here is an animation put together by architects & engineers who are studying the case:

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