Monday, November 16, 2009

Regain Our Financial Sovereignty

These were the shocking but true words of the Secretary of State on Meet The Press this Sunday: we must regain our financial sovereignty.

We should remember that when she left the White House as first lady after having spent two terms there with her husband, they left the nation with a budget surplus.

We were sovereign over our financial security, needing no foreign nation to float our financial boat. Now a severe hole has been put into our Ship of State, and we are sinking financially.

Our precious treasure, our security, sovereignty, and freedoms have therefore suffered.

All the phoney talk about security by the warmongers, plunder barons, and psychotic oil barons in the White House, Congress, and the Judiciary, is now seen in hindsight for what it really was: reckless & destructive propaganda by the Bush II regime.

The wars and other financial debauchery have bankrupted us to the point we are financial servants to foreign entities to an unamerican degree.

UPDATE: The cultural American myth that China needs us more than we need China is debunked with the facts.


  1. You really provide no evidence of this Bush II regime propaganda...just mentioning something does not mean it is true.

    I hear this all the time about the Clinton administration leaving us with a surplus, however, just because you are not in the red doesn't mean that you are not on the path to being there. the time Clinton left office we had a "surplus"...I am not denying that...but we should not forget all that happened in 2000 to 2001. I would have to say the two largest issues that effected the economy (when Bush took over) were 9/11 and the dot-com bubble and they are still effecting us today.

    March 2000...the dot-com bubble burst causing the NASDAQ to fall nearly 9% in 5-6 days. Many believe that the crash of the dot-com bubble mutated in our current housing bubble.

    Then the first day after 9/11 when the stock market opened it fell a record-setting 7.1% (for that time) and by the end of the week it was down 14.3% (which was record setting for that time as well).

    It is kind of amazing with all that happened during that 1-2 year span that we weren't left in worse shape during that time. Can we really deny the fact that these instances did not leave us with a bit of an economic hangover that helped turn into the mess we are in today? I think it definitely at least deserves some attention.

    Overall though...we have to stop playing the blame game and look ahead and learn from our mistakes as a country. Our economy is far too complex for one person (i.e. George W. Bush or current president Barack Obama) to mess up. For every action there is a reaction...just sometimes it takes a while for the reaction to occur.

  2. Anonymous,

    You said "You really provide no evidence of this Bush II regime propaganda..."

    I can't repeat the evidence in each and every post. Many, many posts here on this blog prove that beyond any doubt.

    For example, I quote the CEO of the Associated Press saying "The Bush administration turned the U.S. military into a global propaganda machine..." (see the post The Intellectual War Monger).

    Many other posts shine the light from other view points.

    Search on the key word "free press", "propaganda", or "military oil complex" for other such posts.

    Knowledge about what government is really doing is fundamental to a good college education and a free nation.

    It is a well known fact that one of the greatest businesses in the United States is propaganda.

    It is you who harbors illusions that do more damage to the nation than the truth would.

    Your time line of the recent economic history is revisionist. You may hope it happened that way but it did not. There are many posts on this blog that refer to those who saw the debacle coming before it happened.

    That is a better way to know history, vision, rather that rear view mirror revisionism.

    I will address the remainder of your assertions when I find out if your denial is a lack of capacity or chronic.

  3. Yes, sir! Good response. The dot-com bubble SHOULD have served as a wake-up call to anyone paying attention. Even I could see that flare hit the air. Denial and illusions, indeed. And frantic revisionism, perhaps thinking that if they only repeat themselves often enough, it will change the facts. Just discovered your site, and I like it!

  4. bpolhamius,

    "Just discovered your site". Glad you like it.

    Check out Ecocosmology blog and Toxins of Power blog too when you get a chance.