Friday, November 20, 2009

Holy Status Quo Badman! neoOrleans!

The super heroes of Wall Street, Tim Geitner as superman, got a lot of flack from congress in hearings on Capitol Hill yesterday.

Congress and the White House have caught up with the sentiment the people had two years ago.

The people by the millions have lost homes, jobs, savings, health care, retirement plans, confidence in the government, and everything else the plunder barons took from them.

Yes, everything the plunder barons are still taking from them as home loss, job loss, savings loss, retirement plan loss, confidence in the government, and everything else continues to be lost.

The congress, the administration, and the press are continually spiralling down into the vortex of too corrupt and too late, because frankly all they care about is corrupt money from corrupt lobbyists so they have enough money to lie hard in the next campaign.

The next campaign to once again satiate their lust and egos.

Morning Joe on MSNBC is doing the show from the neoAmerican city neoOrleans.

NeoOrleans is all that is left of the old American city of New Orleans following the neoCon's roguish and revolting conservative revolution.

The neoCon revolt of rogues that had its way with the proud American New Orleans, converting it into the third world city of neoOrleans.

Meanwhile, back at slime central, Gotham "Gotcha" City,
the deluded elite freaks with their masks and suits on run their mouths as the rest of the nation prepares for a long lasting neoAmerika.

It is as if the deluded elite freaks fancy themselves as a type of Paris Hilton taking care of a chimp in a bowling alley.

How low can their appraisal of the American public get? Do they think that the American public buys into the economic policies that treat the people like primates for the Hilton Wall Streeters to play with?

It appears that the people see a neoNation with fewer homes, fewer jobs, less money, less health, more living in the street, and a storm of lies from their plundering government.

A government deluded by the toxins of power they fight to ingest.


  1. The French Revolution is looking better every day.

  2. Anonymous,

    The neoCons already did that.

    They changed the name of "French Fries" to "Freedom Fries" then patted themselves on the back for being grass roots. ;)

    Unfortunately the revolution that must take place to save humanity from certain extinction can not be accomplished by any type of revolution in ANY ONE NATION.