Monday, October 5, 2009

The He Said She Said Stupid Wars

One general says, in a form of military holy doctrine, that more troops have to go the nation being built for the umpteenth time, because more destruction and killing is required so that peace and democracy will come to them.

This is the compulsive mantra they learn in the war colleges which fools them into thinking they are really intellectuals.

It is a form of "doublespeak" like what was in Orwell's book "1984", where "war is peace" was oft repeated.

Today "dumb ass is intellectual" might be the favorite little ditty for the glorification of being brain dead.

The warsters are battling themselves in the halls of power where they have spent us into financial ruin chasing a few homeless terrorists who were said to manage the 9/11 attacks from caves, and who now, all 100 of them in Afghanistan, threaten our ego's existence:
In a confidential report that was leaked to The Washington Post, McChyrstal stated that he needs more troops in Afghanistan, or the war "will likely result in failure." McChrystal believes that 40,000 more troops are needed in Afghanistan, according to officials.
(Huffington Post). Leaking to the press by a top general seems way cheesy and disrespectful, unless in fact they are the ones in power and the civilians should do their bidding.

The White House General had another opinion to render:
General Jones asserted that he does not believe Afghanistan is "imminent danger of falling" to the Taliban and that the presence of al Qaeda "is very diminished."

"The maximum estimate is less than 100 operating in the country," he said. "No bases. No buildings to launch attacks on either us or our allies."
(NY Times). Meanwhile the poppy crops are still booming and supplying the world with all the heroin and opium it wants, for a fee of course.

UPDATE: A UN official was fired for rocking the boat too much concerning the fraud in the Afghanistan election. So who would want that to be kept quiet?

UPDATE 2: The U.S. government admitted to the torture of detainees, and that they had video taped the episodes of torture, so a court ordered them to produce the videos.

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