Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Evolution of Money

The banksters and their "rescuers" are quite evolved, just ask them.

The highly educated and highly paid of that realm are staunch evolutionists when it comes to money; your money evolves into their money and the survival of the fittest takes place.

Social Darwinism of the lucre type.

This blog has pointed out many aspects of this evolution under the label robber baron, which contains several posts with links to many places.

The fundamental essence of plunder is that your money evolves into "their" money:
The controversial $700 billion bailout program has helped avert the collapse of the financial system, but the chances of taxpayers recouping the money are "extremely unlikely," a government watchdog believes.
(ABC News). The operative phrase "helped avert the collapse of the financial system" is a non-sequitur like "toxic asset", and is meaningless. The collapse had happened already and your dollars were taken without just compensation to prop them back up.

But "evolution happens" these daze, without any purpose. It just happens.

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