Sunday, September 20, 2009

Decline of GOP Reputation - Why?

We have all seen and heard from the steady stream of bushies who have left the collective or the hive, to change their tune from "Terd Blossom's Propagander Anthem" into "I Fought The Facts But The Truth Won", sung to the tune of I Fought The Law But The Law Won.

Scotty McClellan was the last of many to sing a song of six pence, but now along comes a fellow named Matt Latimer with the new twist called What I Saw At Rove's 'Revolution'. One thing Matt points out:
Every administration politicizes hiring to a degree, but some in the Bush administration went beyond the pale. Much is known about the political firings of U.S. attorneys and the party-line enforcers who removed or intimidated qualified personnel at the Justice Department. Less well known is what happened outside Justice.

For nearly three years at the Defense Department, I saw young, inexperienced political operatives enjoy nearly unrestrained power. Like schoolyard bullies who picked on people because they could, these operatives pursued personal vendettas, blocked hirings, delayed promotions and pressured high-ranking officials.

Backed by the White House political shop, some operatives refused to hire experienced communicators to help the president and the defense secretary work effectively on Afghanistan and Iraq. They insisted on hiring friends or mediocre candidates from a White House-approved list.

One loyal conservative with sterling credentials was refused even an interview because a personnel official was fighting with the conservative senator the candidate worked for. Another credentialed applicant was rejected for allegedly failing to vote in 2004. When it was proved that she had voted, the personnel office raised another objection. There were also reports that the Pentagon personnel system raised frivolous political objections to hiring experts on biological and chemical weapons.

And these are just things I knew about.
(Wash. Post). I guess my question is how does the Pillsbury Duh Boy come to be called a political genius by the GOP and called "Terd Blossom" by Bush II, even as he gave Terd the keys to the kingdom?

The ignorant abuse of power became synonymous with "genious" until the GOP destroyed itself, destroyed the American reputation, destroyed the world economy, destroyed the jobs and homes of millions of Americas, let decay the levies of protection of a Senior American City, let it then remain destroyed even as bushies built billion dollar buildings in Baghdad, destroyed free press concepts, and destroyed a couple of weak nations of the world during the nightmare, all the while claiming to be great warriors of ultimate prowess.

And now these bushies want to bring to the Faux Snooze Show and Tell Circus such "luminaries" as Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, and the whole cage full of mini Rove wannabees.

It is becoming a national epidemic of dementia proportions.

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