Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bank Crashes Continue

The beat goes on.

Banks keep going down.

The two latest banks to suffer from 8 years of bushie economic policies went down:
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp said National Bank of Commerce of Berkeley, Illinois and Bank of Clark County of Vancouver, Washington were closing with other banks taking over their insured deposits.

In 2008, 25 banks were seized by officials, up from just 3 in 2007.
(Others Bite The Dust). The effects of the bushie economic policy will last well into 2009 and beyond.

"You are doin' a heckuva job bushies" in the sense that the damage from your policies will live on and continue after you are gone.



  1. "HE LEAVES the White House as one of the least popular and most divisive presidents in American history. At home, his approval rating has been stuck in the 20s for months; abroad, George Bush has presided over the most catastrophic collapse in America’s reputation since the second world war. The American economy is in deep recession, brought on by a crisis that forced Mr Bush to preside over huge and unpopular bail-outs."

    The Economist

  2. Some of the banks that are surviving, in some degree, are doing so by not paying taxes and by corporate welfare handouts.

    Bail Me Out and Beam Me Up, Scottie

  3. We have a press indictment of 25 people who are accused of causing the worldwide recession.

    And a list of 6 who saw it coming and said so.

    Just saying ...

  4. Sixty-Five thousand jobs in big companies lost this week.

    Some folks can't handle being laid off. One guy killed his 5 kids, his wife, and then himself.

    We need a better world view in our nation so that people do not feel alone to the point of criminal dispair.