Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Are You Charged Up?

The American people were safe from Nixonian Corruption for many years after Nixon was nixed. One reason is that many of his cronies and partners in crime went to jail.

The same must be done to those who participated in the Bush era crime spree which makes the Nixon crime spree look like a picnic.

For instance, there is already two DOJ reports that show bushies broke the law abundantly. The Obama administration is wrong if they think it will all go away if we ignore it.

Let us not forget that democracy demands accountability now and forever.


  1. The Bush administration has lost all of its big "war on terror" cases in the conservative Supreme Court.

    The Supremes recently, after the Bush v Gore fiasco many yawns ago, want to stay away from that type of political endeavor.

    My prediction is that they would let convictions of bushie era insiders stand.

    Obama, Biden Visit Supremes

  2. There was a wide spread effort by the bushies to destroy records. This administration, rather than taking a don't do anything wrong and you won't need to hide anything approach, took a hide as many records as possible approach.

    The courts are now slamming them for it.

  3. During confirmation hearings, AG nominee Holder indicated that he would revisit the DC AG office's decision not to prosecute Schlozman.

    Holder indicated that if there was a case he would change that decision.

    So, "it ain't over 'til it's over" kicks in.

  4. "Accountability is the missing conceptual link in the current debate over how best to advance democracy. Democracy affirms the need to justify decisions made by citizens and their representatives: it is a system that connects the values of the individual with the decisions of the collective. The preferences of citizens revealed by fair elections (representation) or organized and definitive discussion (deliberation) are the starting points of democratic legitimacy.
    A clearly defined accountability system is crucial to any system of representative democracy because citizens, through their vote, legitimize or give authority to leaders to act."

    (The Accountability Ladder, emphasis added).

    It is that essence of democracy, and that essence only, which is the DNA of true democracy and constitutional government of the american soul.

    It is the essence of any government by, of, and for the people because it applies only to government officials.

  5. Pelosi is on board and wants an investigation, and depending on the investigation, wants prosecutions.


  6. The bushie Department of Just Us is morphing back into The US Department of Justice once again.

  7. A New Thread places a focus on Rove's latest subpoena issued for Ground Hog Day.