Sunday, January 1, 2023

January Six Committee

Fig. 1 Documents Link

The January Six Committee, as close to everyone in the world knows, issued a final report recently.

Most online copies are in PDF format (Fig. 1), so, I made some HTML appendices for my own use initially, but on further thought decided to share them.

One is now Appendix One and the other is Appendix Two.

One reason I did that was due to the difference in pagination between the pagination on the paper report and the pagination in the PDF version.

Appendix One lists the pagination of both the Printed-on-Paper version of the Report  as well as the PDF online version of the Report. 

Appendix Two is a "word index" showing what pages ~130 words appear on.

One of those "words" is "https" which lists the pages that URL/HTML links are located on (the Committee provided quite a few links in footnotes).

The new Republican-led House will attack the report so these two appendices will help those who want to compare the "two versions" of the one and only report.

In the bifurcated 2023-2024 House of Representatives, is composed of one part that is mostly Republicans who wanted no part in the Official Report, and is also composed of the other part of the bifurcation, mostly Democrats who are the Congress Members who developed the report.

The "say it ain't so Joe" version of the Report will arise sometime in the 2023 season of the witch to try to "hoaxy-Clorox-a-dope" those who are already aware of the stunning contents of the Official Report.

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