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On The Origin Of The Home Of COVID-19 - 30

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I. Background

In the previous post of this series I compared the "original SARS-CoV-2 virus" from Wuhan, China to one of its more recent versions, "the Omicron Variant" (On The Origin Of The Home Of COVID-19 - 29).

That comparison "a million American deaths" after the original appeared, was not about whether or not the virus kills.

Today's appendices contain relatively recent genomes from various countries.

These appendices have a similar design compared to the appendices in the previous post, however, I have added additional tables in today's appendices. 

The process for developing the data shown in the appendices is explained in the MIT video at the end of this post, so "use it or lose it".

II. Comparison Tables

An extra comparison table is provided specifically to compare each non-Wuhan version of the virus to the Wuhan version, for the specific purpose of detecting substantial changes (not trivial changes).

I have also added a "Count Table" which provides the number of codons in the Wuhan version compared to number of codons in each non-Wuhan version (from around the globe). 

In this Count Table there are 51 viruses listed, only 3 of which are 'malformed':

Wuhan count: 71 (Malaysia/MYS/MT372480.1) count: 45
Wuhan count: 71 (East Timor/TLS/MT641766.1) count: 45
Wuhan count: 71 (Argentina/ARG/MW553295.1) count: 69

(3÷51 = 0.058823529, or ~5.9%). There are several reasons malformation or a new formation may take place (e.g.):

1) technicians improperly collected otherwise good samples, 
2) technicians were given bad samples,
3) chemicals damaged the host cell causing chimeric hosts and/or viruses,
4) proton tunneling caused a mutation,
5) natural change took place.

(The Doll As Metaphor - 4). Natural change does not take place in the haphazard manner generally suggested by The Warming Science Commentariat.

III. Results

The overall result depicted in the appendices is the same as in the previous post, in the sense that there is no substantial difference between the Wuhan version and these non-Wuhan versions in most cases.

The "take-home" shown in them is that the SARS-CoV-2 virus genome is not substantially variable.

Over a million people have died in the USA, and millions more around the globe, even though there has been no substantial change in the substantial portion of the virus that I can detect yet ("once a killer virus, always a killer virus?").

In future posts I am going to do a date sequence comparison from an SQL database that has close to 50,000 FASTA files in it.

IV. Menu of Appendices

Here is a menu of today's appendices for your perusal:

Appendix: A-C
Appendix: D-G
Appendix: H-L
Appendix: M-O
Appendix: P-T
Appendix: U-Z

V. Closing Comments

I recommend that you use the Count Table first, notice any mismatches in numbers, and then look-up the country it applies to in the Countries menu appendix which applies.

Load that Countries menu appendix and peruse the codons, amino acids, and atom counts for the malformed virus to see how the Wuhan original SARS-CoV-2 virus compares to the more recent later SARS-CoV-2 virus discovered in that country.

The  "Wuhan Codon Sequence Compared To Subsequent Codons" HTML table (following the "Codons, Amino Acids and Chemical Formulas" HTML table) contains a link to the GenBank data of the Wuhan virus as well as a link to the more recent SARS-CoV-2 virus it is being compared to.

The next post in this series is here, the previous post in this series is here.

How the virus mRNA codons & amino acids are extracted from the genome:


  1. Doctor Doctor, Mr. MD ...

  2. I've puzzled over the official "death stats" and the severe shortage of workers in many different industries. These numbers do not seem to match up, but I believe there must be a correlation. Locally, nobody wants to work, businesses are having a severe time trying to find employees. Nationally, this seems to also be the case, no enough workers, product shortages, driver shortages, production shortages, etc. Is the official death rate off by an order of magnitude? I do not know, but cannot explain any of this. Unemployed workers are supposedly still "there" but surviving how? Where is their money coming from? Or is this narrative just wrong?

  3. Anon,

    Good Question. We will know more when they tell us more: "We are developing the next set of 2020 Census data products and are moving deliberately to ensure that we can produce the high-quality statistics that the public expects. The pandemic delayed our operations..." (Gov Census Data)