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Quantum Biology - 9

Fig. 1 A-T base pair

I. Background

In a previous post I mentioned that in a future post we would take a look at the arrangement of atoms in base pairs (Quantum Biology - 8).

That was because the arrangement of atoms was said to be very important ("To create an accurate 3D model of a protein, we need to know the arrangement in space of all of the atoms in all of the amino acids that make up that protein" - ibid, quoting Structural Biology).

Fig. 2 A-U base pair

So, I have placed the basic A,C,T,G,U components that make up base pairs in graphic depiction so we can think about the atoms and the molecules.

The graphic at Fig. 1 shows the "A-T base pair" in DNA, the graphic at Fig. 2 shows the "A-U base pair" in RNA, and the graphic at Fig. 3 shows the "C-G base pair" in both DNA and RNA.

II.The Origin of Ubiquitous
Brought To You By Firesign Theatre

This arrangement of atoms is found in humans, animals, and bacteria so it is very ubiquitous in carbon based life forms.

Fig. 3 C-G base pair

These atoms make-up the codons featured in the tables presented in appendices of previous posts in this series (Appendix QB.7.1, Appendix QB.7.2, Appendix QB.7.3, Appendix QB.7.4, Appendix QB.7.5, Appendix QB.7.6, Appendix QB.7.7, Appendix QB.7.8; Appendix QB.8.1).

Thus, when we discuss "their arrangement in space" we are covering a very important subject in terms of how they do what they do.

That is not easily within our grasp because we have to do the goo goo doll thingy.

The problem with this carbon-based picture is that carbon is a "late-bloomer" (compared to the other dolls):

"The Big Bang was not an explosion in space, as the theory's name might suggest. Instead, it was [natural doll and selection doll quivering, causing] the appearance of space [space doll] everywhere in the universe [universe doll], researchers have said. According to the Big Bang theory, the universe was born [dolls R born] as a very hot, very dense, single point in space [space doll and universe doll are hot, dense, and single].

Cosmologists are unsure what happened before this moment" (Space).

So, the hot doll, a.k.a. universe doll, banged but did not explode, but the doll scientists do not know why it didn't choose to explode (gay dolls?).

Then the universe doll and space doll looked around at the environment [environment doll] and decided that the best thing to do was to change and become a gas or two while having an expansive feeding frenzy:

"When the universe [doll] was very young — something like a hundredth of a billionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second (whew!) [the time doll was not conjured until shortly after that] — it underwent an incredible growth spurt. During this burst of expansion, which is known as inflation [inflation doll], the universe [doll] grew exponentially and doubled in size at least 90 times [what about space doll and environment doll?]."

Fig. 4 First Doll Uterus

"The universe [doll] was expanding, and as it expanded, it got cooler and less dense [enlightenment]," David Spergel, a theoretical [doll] astrophysicist at Princeton University in Princeton, N.J., told After inflation, the universe [doll] continued to grow, but at a slower rate [diet doll]."

"As space [doll] expanded, the universe [doll] cooled and matter formed [matter doll]."

"Light chemical elements were created [light chemical dolls] within the first three minutes of the universe [doll's] formation. As the universe [doll] expanded, temperatures cooled and protons and neutrons collided [proton and neutron dolls] to make deuterium [deuterium doll], which is an isotope of hydrogen [of course dummy]. Much of this deuterium [deuterum doll] combined to make helium [helium and shelium dolls]."

"For the first 380,000 years after the Big Bang [bang doll], however, the intense heat [heat doll] from the universe's creation [heat doll was hot] made it essentially too hot for light to shine [it's dark inside hot dolls]. Atoms [atom dolls] crashed together with enough force [force doll] to break up into a dense, opaque plasma of protons, neutrons and electrons that scattered light like fog [fog doll]."(Space)

"Every carbon atom in the universe was created by stars [star dolls]" (ScienceDaily, emphasis added).

"So, what does that have to do with nucleotides, Dredd" you may be wondering, so, get ready for another dollar story (Big Bang nucleosynthesis).

After the doll stuff made doll stars, those doll stars made carbon dolls and released it in their nucleotide dolls (If Cosmology Is "Off," How Can Biology Be "On?").

Now "Small Things [but not too small molecules atoms] Considered" scientists can play Firesign Theatre with their dolls.

III. Closing Comments

According to the doll narrative, all this doll banging and swirling eventually ended up as the carbon in the ATCGU stuff that nucleotide dolls are now made of (The Doll As Metaphor - 5).

Carbon is now the first atom listed in the molecule formulas of DNA and RNA (Appendix QB.7.1, Appendix QB.7.2, Appendix QB.7.3, Appendix QB.7.4, Appendix QB.7.5, Appendix QB.7.6, Appendix QB.7.7, Appendix QB.7.8; Appendix QB.8.1).

More shapes to come in future posts.

The next post in this series is here, the previous post in this series is here.

Doll Shapes to come ...


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