Friday, February 14, 2020

The Rule of Law Murphy's Law

A head of the game
I. The Mythical Rule of Law

The U.S. Courts' PR sanction of the "rule of law" begs a lot of questions (Overview - Rule of Law).

One question is "who's law".

I make the argument that it is becoming "the rule of Murphy's Law."

One academic search for the origin of this well known law metaphorically implicates the ship of state:
"It is found that anything that can go wrong at sea generally does go wrong sooner or later, so it is not to be wondered that owners prefer the safe to the scientific .... Sufficient stress can hardly be laid on the advantages of simplicity. The human factor cannot be safely neglected in planning machinery. If attention is to be obtained, the engine must be such that the engineer will be disposed to attend to it."
(Murphy's Law, emphasis added). After about two hundred years of government policy, the national theme still is:

And so, what can go wrong on the ship of state is going to go wrong ... Murphy's Law is the law now.

II. Checks And Balances

One of the operative myths of government used by those who hear no evil and see no evil is the "checks and balances" myth.

It is an assertion that there is inherent justice, equal application of law, and liberty created, granted, and axiomatically engendered and spread throughout the populace by our written constitution.

In reality though, the part of Murphy's Rule of Law is that if you have checks you can impact the balance on politicians' campaign bank accounts and thereby have your way with Miss Liberty and Miss Justice.

III. On To The Trances

Another dynamic that morphs the mythical rule of law into the real Murphy's Law is the "it can't happen here" trance:

(Myth Addiction Is Establishment's LSD).

IV. Some Things That Were Myth-ed

The framers had a fetish about the common folk being too ignorant to really know what was good for them so they crafted "The Electoral College" ... the "popular" vote was just so we voters could keep in practice in case we were ever needed (that this is a picture of democracy is a widespread myth).

Another problem they tackled was that colonies with low population would have been unequally yoked in the nation originally contemplated, so those small population colonies wanted nothing to do with it.

So, to keep the contemplated ship of state concept afloat the framers came up with the idea of two senators per state no matter what the population of a state was.

This is why the senate is wacko (50 million population state gets 2 senators and an 800,000 population state gets two senators) these daze to the point that 33.31% of the population determines 70% of the senate (no removal of a crime-infected administration without the say of the senators of 33.31% of the population) ... (How To Identify The Despotic Minority - 13).

"What could go wrong?"


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