Friday, December 27, 2019

In Absentia - 2

The Teosphere
I am still hard at work on the C++ version of Teos-10.

It is a wrapper in the sense that I use the C version as the foundation.

That is, the C version is the testing criteria for the C++ version.

Epipelagic Depths
The methods/member functions of the C++ classes/objects must return the same values as the C functions of the C version.

I have accomplished that phase.

Mesopelagic Depths
The C++ version has been used on the World Ocean Database (WOD) in situ measurements and that came out well.

I have added some graphs that show the matching proportion in TEOS-10 concepts as generated by the C++ library.
Bathypelagic Depths

Notice that proportion matches in the Conservative Temperature (CT), Potential Enthalpy (hO) a.k.a. "Ocean Heat Content", and the infrared photon quantity (mol).

Regular readers will remember that concept as detailed in a Dredd Blog series (The Ghost Photons, 2, 3).

Any way, the matching pattern in those three show the fidelity of TEOS-10 in that the patterns, ratios, and synchronization holds up.

It does not match the Absolute Salinity (SA) because SA is not a proportional factor in Ocean Heat Content.

Abyssopelagic Depths
An official of the TEOS-10 realm said that the C++ version will be placed on their website and on GitHub.

When that takes place I will be getting back to regular "programming" here.

Until then, Happy New Year to all readers.

The previous post in this series is here.

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