Friday, September 14, 2018

Databases Galore - 22

New Datasets
I have a new announcement concerning the World Ocean Database (WOD) used here on Dredd Blog.

In the past I have used only the CTD and PFL datasets to generate graphs and generally explore the world's oceans.

What is new is that I have downloaded all WOD data sets of in situ measurements:
Dataset    Description

OSD (O,S) Bottle, low resolution CTD and XCTD, and plankton data.
MBT (O,S) MBT, DBT, and Micro BT data.
CTD  (O,S) High resolution CTD data.
XBT  (O,S) Expendable bathythermograph data.
PFL   (O,S) Profiling float data.
MRB (O,S) Moored buoy data.
DRB  (O,S) Drifting buoy data.
APB  (O,S) Autonomous Pinniped Bathythermograph data.
UOR  (O,S) Undulating Oceanographic Recorder data.
GLD  (O,S) Glider data.
SUR  (O,S) Surface data only.
The "O" version of data means "observed" data, which is composed of measurements taken at random depths.

The "S" version of data means measurements taken at "standard" depths defined in the WOD Manual.

I combine all of them into 33 depths from 0-10 meters down to the deepest measurements (5,500 meters or more).

In the coming days I will be decompressing them (over 2,300 files totaling over 21 gigabytes compressed), translating the WOD format into CSV format, then placing them in an SQL server.

Stay tuned.

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