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B - East Indian Ocean

This page consists of supplemental data to the main post: Antarctica 2.0 - 6.

The first section below is composed of links to glaciers within the WOD Zones in this area (those zones are within the blue lines at the bottom of this WOD Zone map).

The second section is composed of graphs of sea water temperature mean averages at three main depths (0-700 m, >700 m to 2000 m, and >2000 m).

The final section is is composed of two graphs which are the combined mean average CT & melt CT (temperatures) of all zones in this Southern Ocean area.

(Click on the links to glaciers for a Wikipedia description of when they were discovered, how they were named, size, location, etc.).

East Indian Ocean (area 'B')

WOD Zone [3607]
Il Polo, Polar Times, Polararboken, Sorsdal

WOD Zone [3608]
Posadowsky (Antarctica)

WOD Zone [3609]
Burton Island, Denman, Northcliffe

WOD Zone [3610]
Adams (Wilkes_Land), Apfel, Scott (East_Antarctica), Underwood

WOD Zone [3611]
Gilchrist, Totten, Vanderford

["the Totten Glacier is thinning and its grounding line is retreating"; "Totten Glacier, East Antarctica, a single glacier that holds a 3.9 m (12.8 feet) sea level change equivalent, has thinned and lost mass for decades."]

WOD Zone [3612]

WOD Zone [3613]
Astrolabe, Barre, Dibble

WOD Zone [3614]
Mertz, Ninnis, Zelee

WOD Zone [3615]

Area 'B' - WOD Zone 3607

Area 'B' - WOD Zone 3608

Area 'B' - WOD Zone 3609

Area 'B' - WOD Zone 3610

Area 'B' - WOD Zone 3611

Area 'B' - WOD Zone 3612

Area 'B' - WOD Zone 3613

Area 'B' - WOD Zone 3614

Area 'B' - WOD Zone 3615

The following two graphs are the combination of all measurements (mean average) from the zone graphs above:

Water Temperatures
Melt Temperatures

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