Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Trumpeting While Straining Out A Gnat

It's too late to call this 'the future'
Another lunatic kills a few people with a rented truck while those who see themselves as "the shiny city on the hill" (a dog-whistle code for "the epigovernment") are killing millions every year with their 'financially sacred' pollution:
"For decades, pollution and its harmful effects on people's health, the environment, and the planet have been neglected both by governments and the international development community. Pollution is the largest environmental cause of disease and death in the world today, responsible for an estimated 9 million premature deaths in 2015.1 92% of all pollution-related mortality is seen in low-income and middle-income countries. A new Lancet Commission on pollution and health aims to confront and overturn this urgent predicament."
(The Lancet, cf. Washington Post). To the survivors of the pollution, the members of the Oil-Qaeda wing of the MOMCOM wing of the Epigovernment declare "what does not kill you makes you stronger."

That is taking place as the mass-murder media ("if it bleeds it leads") decreases their coverage of such "statistics" ("One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic").

Yes, nine million deaths a year reporting decreased by sixty-five percent (Media Matters Report Shows Stunning Lack of Climate Change Coverage on TV Networks in 2016).

The media presstitutes of the epigovernment like to major in the minors, to focus on the minor number of deaths by terrorists, while not reporting on the major number of deaths by government sanctioned pollution:
  • You are 35,079 times more likely to die from heart disease than from a terrorist
  • You are 33,842 times more likely to die from cancer than from a terrorist
  • obesity is 5,882 to 23,528 times more likely to kill you than a terrorist
  • you are 5,882 times more likely to die from medical error than terrorism
  • you’re 4,706 times more likely to drink yourself to death than die from terrorism
  • you are 1,904 times more likely to die from a car accident than from a terrorist
  • your meds are thousands of times more likely to kill you than Al Qaeda
  • you’re 2,059 times more likely to kill yourself than die at the hand of a terrorist
  • you’re 452 times more likely to die from risky sexual behavior than terrorism
  • you’re 353 times more likely to fall to your death ... than die in a terrorist attack
  • you are 271 times more likely to die from a workplace accident than terrorism
  • you are 187 times more likely to starve to death in America than be killed by terrorism
  • you’re about 22 times more likely to die from a brain-eating zombie parasite than a terrorist
  • you were more than 9 times more likely to be killed by a law enforcement officer than by a terrorist
  • [being] “crushed to death by ... [TV] or furniture” [as likely as] being killed by terrorist
  • Americans are 110 times more likely to die from contaminated food than terrorism
  • you are more likely to be killed by a toddler than a terrorist
  • you [are] four times more likely to be struck by lightning than killed by a terrorist
(Terrorism We Can Believe In? - 3). Yep, the errorists covering the terrorists is the essence of McTell News in these circumstances (Blind Willie McTell News, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

"Now the rovin’ gambler he was very bored
He was tryin’ to create a next world war
He found a promoter who nearly fell off the floor
He said I never engaged in this kind of thing before
But yes I think it can be very easily done
We’ll just put some bleachers out in the sun
And have it on Highway 61" - Dylan

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  1. The top three GHG emitters (China, US and Euro-union) account for over half of the volume and it's the 'energy' industry that's the culprit. While some progress is being made, they're sauntering when they should be sprinting!

    Top music Dredd!