Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Ice Sheet Hemorrhagic Fever and The Prayer Wars

Humble Oil-Qaeda - As contrite as The Donald
I. Dr. Dolittle

It would be medical malpractice for a doctor to say "nothing to see here folks, move along now" after diagnosing a patient who had viral hemorrhagic fever, and was bleeding from every body orifice.

It is not that way in global warming dialogue however, because, in this the 21st Century, Humble Oil-Qaeda is able to have influences on the news media to cause them to do just that.

They have made a religion out of ignoring the danger and by teaching the people that all we need to do is business as usual (Global Warming / Climate Change Will Generate Dangerous Religion).

II. Meanwhile Back In Reality

Consider that Greenland and Antarctic glaciers have a case of "ice sheet hemorrhagic fever" and are leaking fluids from their orifices:
Supraglacial lakes (SGL) are formed by accumulation of meltwater in surface depressions on a glacier or ice sheet above impermeable snow/ice layers ... SGLs influence ice sheet mass balance and dynamics in several ways. Their presence reduces the albedo of the ice sheet thus increasing surface melt ... The rapid ([less than] 24 h) drainage of SGLs to the bed through hydrofracture ... locally increases the water pressure in the subglacial hydrological system, which reduces the basal friction and causes transient ice-flow speedups ... Besides the direct effects on ice flow, the formation of surface-to-bed connections and an efficient subglacial drainage system could (1) enable the rapid transfer of surface meltwater to the ice sheet margin, thereby reducing the retention and refreezing of meltwater on the surface ... (2) transfer heat into the ice sheet reducing ice viscosity and promoting faster ice flow ... and (3) affect the magnitude and timing of freshwater and nutrient delivery to the oceans ...
(AGU Publications, PDF; cf. Recharge of a subglacial lake by surface meltwater; same in Antarctica: Totten Glacier melt-down). Remember that there are also vast subsurface systems too:
UCL Professor Duncan Wingham, who led the team, said: "Previously, it was thought water moves underneath the ice by very slow seepage. But this new data shows that, every so often, the lakes beneath the ice pop off like champagne corks, releasing floods that travel very long distances.

"A major concern has been that by drilling down to the lakes new microbes would be introduced." he added. "Our data shows any contamination will not be limited to one lake, but will, over time, extend down the length of the network of rivers.

"We had thought of these lakes as isolated biological laboratories. Now we are going to have to think again."
(Weekend Rebel Science Excursion - 45; cf. Video 1 below). There are large lakes under Greenland too (see Video 2 below).

III. The Ghost of Matthew

Meanwhile, some people are getting a taste of what 21st Century (i.e. right now) sea level rise will be like:
"Hurricane Matthew is still with us ... rivers still rising ... court system still shut down ... highways shut down ... dam could break ... bridges may be closed ... the water is flowing so fast you have to see it to believe it ... prison evacuated" - N.Carolina Governor (10/12/16)
 IV. The Prey Must Pray

This brings up religious memories and sentiments in different ways:
Gore said "every single night on the television news is like a major hike through the book of Revelation" with all of "the floods and the droughts and the mudslides and the fires and the incredible downpours." (Al Gore Stumps for Hillary, Says Nightly News Like 'Hike Through Book of Revelation', emphasis added)

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin wants God to help the state’s ailing oil and natural gas industry.

The Republican governor originally issued a proclamation inviting Christians to “thank God for the blessing created by the oil and natural gas industry and to seek His wisdom and ask for protection,” the Progressive Secular Humanist blog reported.

Humble Oil War Prayers
A new version of the “Oilfield Prayer Day” proclamation calls on everyone to thank a deity, declaring that “people of faith acknowledge such natural resources are created by God.”

“There was some question about whether it was one particular faith or another, so we just amended it to say all faiths,” Fallin told The Associated Press. “There are many people suffering right now who have lost their jobs in the energy sector ... there are a lot of families who have been hurt, and I think prayer is always a good thing, for anyone.”

The proclamation was requested by the Oilfield Christian Fellowship. (Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin Declares ‘Oilfield Prayer Day’ To Ask God To Protect The State’s Oil Industry, emphasis added)
"Let us prey together" may become the new mantra for "Humble Oil-Qaeda" (Oilah Akbar! Oilah Akbar!, 2, 3, 4; Hateful Oilboarding For Oilah Akbar; Oilah Akbar in Afghanistan; You Rejected Your Only Savior For Oilah).

Humble Oil-Qaeda is trying to get the prayer wars going in a manner that will melt the glaciers faster and faster.

The rivers, lakes, and oceans are on the rise, but those have been created by the rise in the vast ocean of ignorance, the great lake of denial, and the increasing wind of change.

Video 1: Amazon-sized river system under Antarctic ice sheet ...

Video 2: Lake / river systems under Greenland ice sheet ...

Video 3: An example:


  1. Thanks Dredd, for displaying both the courage (sites have been shut down for telling it like it is) and honesty to keep writing the TRUTH of the matter.

    Here's a little something you can add to the worries about Matthew in NC.

    North Carolina’s record floods could have unexpected environmental consequences
    Local Riverkeepers worry that high water could lead to flooded coal ash ponds and hog manure lagoons.

    This could render areas uninhabitable due to disease, mold and impossible clean-up and remediation costs. OH, NOBODY THOUGHT ABOUT THAT when they didn't dispose of their waste properly, now did they? Humanity is so short-sighted, hubristic and ignorant it's a wonder we've come this far.

    Keep up the great work, Dredd - you're appreciated.


    1. Tom,

      Great link.

      Quotes from your link: “This is all the result of decades of bad policy ... As of 2014, Duke Energy, the state’s largest energy provider, had some 107,889,000 tons of coal ash stored at 32 ponds across the state.”

  2. Great class today Dredd!
    Really enjoyed the videos-esp the glacial lake outburst.
    Used to live in Spokane and the legacy of glacial lake Missoula is never far away. When 'it' let go, it was a whopper!

    Related: solid to liquid 'phase' changes accelerating.