Friday, June 10, 2016

Weekend Rebel Science Excursion - 57

Fig. 1
This is the final Zone which had sufficient data with which to generate graphs.

As you can see in Fig. 7, it is a tough area from which to gather data.
Fig. 2

Fig. 3
Zones A7, A8, and A9 give us a picture depicting some of what is happening around the coast of Antarctica, as well as what is happening to the ocean water way down under the sea surface there.
Fig. 4

Fig. 5
As said in a recent comment by Randy, the graphs are similar but not exact from Zone to Zone, even though these Zones are next to one another.

The only things separating them are imaginary latitude and longitude lines, which do nothing real to separate the actual ocean water.

In reality it is one body of ocean water: The Southern Ocean, so the graphs have a similarity to them.

But, since there were 521 separate "cruises" during which they collected "station" data at 55,778 station locations, from which they took  2,942,762 usable temperature readings (at various depths), we need something to arrange them in manageable sizes, hence the three Zones.
Fig. 6

Fig. 7 (All Zones Here)
I downloaded the data from a NASA site (see Databases Galore - 13) with the intention of continuing to falsify "the bathtub model hypothesis" along with its partner in crime "the thermal expansion is 'a' or 'the' major factor in global sea level change" hypothesis.

Professor Mitrovica of Harvard had stated in a couple of videos that the "bathtub model," as well as the "global mean average sea level rise" notions, were sources of blindness to the realities of sea level change (see videos at Peak Sea Level - 2, and at the end of this post).

The three Zones, and graphs associated with each Zone, are discussed in today's post, before that were discussed in the post On The Origin of the Sea-level Seesaw - 4, and were also discussed in the first post exercising this data (The Warming Science Commentariat - 5).

I did it that way because I wanted to discuss, in Dredd Blog series which focused on a particular aspect, the different concepts which these data suggested.

In future posts I will look at Zones from other database sources to see if the deep subsurface ocean, in less remote locations, follows a similar pattern (the sea-saw or "saw tooth" pattern of ups and downs).

I hope you learned from this exercise as I did.

Check out the previous post in this series here.

 Professor Jerry Mitrovica:

09:15 using global average mean sea level rise has led us astray for a hundred years
15:20 taking the average [sea level] is assuming something ... it assumes what we call the "bathtub model" ... sea level rises uniformly ... that leads to problems ... the European problem ... this is completely wrong ... sea level does not rise uniformly ... not even close


  1. Greetings Dredd!
    Just stopped by the lab to see what's happening. Hope you're out getting some R & R! All work and no play....

    A brief read for the hammock in between naps.

    "In the United States, every Republican candidate running for president in 2016 has publicly questioned or denied the science of climate change, and has voiced opposition to Mr. Obama’s climate change policies."

    -- Chomsky--

    1. Mark,

      Yeah, R & R and a vast new database source.

      Working on it.

      Anyway, that Chomsky piece is way serious.


      This is not a matter of Chicken Little telling us the sky is falling,” Chafee said at the hearing. “The scientific evidence ... is telling us we have a problem, a serious problem.”

      (Sen. John H. Chafee, R-RI, Washington, DC, 1986).

      Oil-Qaeda changed their minds it would seem (Merchants of Doubt).

  2. ....The scientific evidence ... is telling us we have a problem, a serious problem.”

    That was in 1986!

    Now, the ocean temp in Svalbard is 12.8C!

    Have a look at the Greenland melt rate chart in this blog.

    I read the news today, Oh boy!