Monday, February 15, 2016

The Supremes Are Well Oiled - 4

(a tributary by Dredd)

One man-judge ordered
more pollution into the air
'until somebeing else stops it'
then went Quayle hunting
as-if good will hunting.

I don't like hunting

but I like finding

said the textualist

to the originalist.

Things and stuff should stay
as the man-judge fixed from birth
flies busy dying from Houston
   searching out how to be still born.

Like all who are not busy being borne

on the wings of the songs of love

or the songs of the wings of love,

"busy dying is still busy not being born."

(a tributary by Rimbaud)
(In summer,
especially, stupid, he persisted
In locking himself up in the latrines
Where he reflected in peace, inhaling deeply.)
(At the age of seven, he composed fictions about life
In the vast desert, where luminous Liberty lies in her abduction,
Forests, sun, riverbanks, savanna!—)
(Idle youth,
Subservient to everything,
I have frittered away my life
Through gentleness.
Ah! may the time come
When hearts will meet!)
(It has been rediscovered.
What? -Eternity.
It’s the sea fused
With the sun.)
(When, beyond the strands
and the mountains, will we hail the advent of the
new toil, the new wisdom, the flight of tyrants and
demons, the end to superstition, adore
—for the first time!—”Christmas” on earth!)

(a tributary by David)

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  1. It's always time well invested to drop by the lab! And some days, when the music can be heard from 'down the hall' on the approach, I'll smile; knowing it's a 'reflection' day where 'things' are being kept in perspective.

    Getting educated on all the science here is cool on it's own. But, deriving that knowledge, while also examining the messages of influential philosophers and musicians make it just more beautiful!
    From Rimbaud's 'Memory'(V).

    "Ah! dust of the willows shaken by a wing!
    The roses of the reeds devoured long ago!
    My boat still stationary; and its chain caught
    in the bottom of this rimless eye of water,—in what mud?"

    Oh, almost forgot. As you predicted-SLR over in sub-zone AQ. Guangdong province.