Saturday, January 9, 2016

Dredd Blog's Seventh Anniversary

Don't Taser me Dawg
Seven years of hard work.

It gets tiring sometimes, but someone has to sound the alarms and blow the whistles.

Thanks to the many readers of Dredd Blog who I hope learn something here.

And then contribute something to others as they collaborate from time to time.

I have been working on the Sea Port Warning System before the football games begin.

I have just about decided to apply the warning system only to the top 100 container ports (Wikipedia, 2013).

Just that list in itself, seeing as how the first U.S. port shows up at #18, is an eye opener.

As you will notice, I have those top 100 linked in with the Dredd Blog SLC zones.

Which means that linking the PSMSL and SLC fingerprint graphs into the warnings will fall in line soon.

I intend to focus, in terms of the warnings, on only the major ports (maybe top ten mostly, maybe all of the top 100).

I got a shock when I noticed that the #3 & #10 ranked ports are in a zone where there are no tide gauge stations (they seem to be in "f**k it" mode - i.e. "who cares").

I had to conclude that we can only hope that they do not seem to be aware of the dangers coming upon them (but that isn't sane either).

All we can do, then, is warn.

So, this little teaser is all I can do today.

Gotta go be a football fan for this play-off weekend.

Rankings of container ship seaports (some graphs of some of the zones they are in follows the list):

1) Shanghai in 'China' at zone (AL.SW.SW)
2) Keppel - (East Singapore) in 'Singapore' at zone (AQ.SE.SW)
3) Shenzhen in 'China' at zone (AQ.NE.NE)
4) Hong Kong in 'Hong Kong' at zone (AQ.NE.SE)
5) Busan in 'S. Korea' at zone (AL.SW.SW)
6) Ningbo in 'China' at zone (Argentina.NW.NW)
7) Qingdao Gang in 'China' at zone (AL.SW.SW)
8) Guangzhou in 'China' at zone (AQ.NE.NE)
9) Jebel Ali in 'UAE' at zone (AP.NE.NE)
10) Tianjin Xin Gang in 'China' at zone (AK.SE.NE)
11) Rotterdam in 'Netherlands' at zone (AJ.NW.SW)
12) Dalian in 'China' at zone (AL.SW.NW)
13) Port Klang in 'Malaysia' at zone (AQ.SE.SW)
14) Kaohsiung in 'Taiwan' at zone (Argentina.NW.NW)
15) Hamburg in 'Germany' at zone (AJ.NW.NW)
16) Antwerpen in 'Belgium' at zone (AJ.NW.SW)
17) Xiamen in 'China' at zone (AQ.NE.NE)
18) Los Angeles in 'US' at zone (AH.SW.SW)
19) Tanjung Pelepas in 'Malaysia' at zone (AQ.SE.SW)
20) Long Beach in 'US' at zone (AH.SW.SW)
21) Tanjung Priok in 'Indonesia' at zone (AW.NE.NE)
22) LAEM Chabang in 'Thailand' at zone (AQ.SE.NW)
23) Bremen in 'Germany' at zone (AJ.NW.NW)
24) Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in 'VN' at zone (AQ.SE.NE)
25) Lianyungang in 'China' at zone (AK.SE.SE)
26) New York City in 'US' at zone (AH.SE.NE)
27) Yingkou in 'China' at zone (AL.SW.NW)
28) Tokyo Ko in 'Japan' at zone (AL.SW.SE)
29) Jeddah in 'Saudi Arabia' at zone (AP.NE.SW)
30) Algeciras in 'Spain' at zone (AI.SE.SE)
31) Valencia in 'Spain' at zone (AI.SE.NE)
32) Colombo in 'Sri Lanka' at zone (AQ.SW.SE)
33) Mumbai (Bombay) in 'India' at zone (AQ.NW.SW)
34) Bur Said (Port Said) in 'Egypt' at zone (AJ.SE.SW)
35) Khor Fakkan in 'UAE' at zone (AP.NE.NE)
36) Manila in 'Philippines' at zone (Argentina.SW.NW)
37) Felixstowe in 'England' at zone (AJ.NW.SW)
38) Santos in 'Brazil' at zone (Australia.SW.SW)
39) Ambarli in 'Turkey' at zone (AJ.SW.NE)
40) Colón in 'Argentina' at zone (A0.NW.NW)
41) Salalah in 'Oman' at zone (AP.NE.SE)
42) Taicang in 'China' at zone (AL.SW.SW)
43) PirUAEus in 'Greece' at zone (AJ.SW.NE)
44) Gioia Tauro in 'Italy' at zone (AJ.SW.NE)
45) Balboa in 'Panama' at zone (AN.SE.NW)
46) Savannah in 'US' at zone (AH.SE.SW)
47) Surabaya in 'Indonesia' at zone (AW.NE.NE)
48) Yokohama Ko in 'Japan' at zone (AL.SW.SE)
49) Vancouver in 'Canada' at zone (AG.NE.SE)
50) Malta Freeport in 'Malta' at zone (AJ.SW.SW)
51) Nagoya Ko in 'Japan' at zone (AL.SW.SE)
52) Nanjing in 'China' at zone (AK.SE.SE)
53) Keelung in 'Taiwan' at zone (Argentina.NW.NW)
54) Durban in 'S. Africa' at zone (AV.SE.SW)
55) Tanger in 'Morocco' at zone (AI.SE.SE)
56) Kobe in 'Japan' at zone (AL.SW.SE)
57) St Petersburg in 'US' at zone (AN.NE.NW)
58) Melbourne in 'Australia' at zone (A3.NW.SE)
59) Port of Le Havre in 'France' at zone (AJ.NW.SW)
60) Osaka in 'Japan' at zone (AL.SW.SE)
61) Mundra in 'India' at zone (AQ.NW.NW)
62) Oakland in 'US' at zone (AG.SE.NE)
63) Gwangyang Hang in 'S. Korea' at zone (AL.SW.SW)
64) Virginia in 'US' at zone (AK.SW.SE)
65) Incheon in 'S. Korea' at zone (AL.SW.SW)
66) Sydney in 'Australia' at zone (A3.NE.NW)
67) Yantai in 'China' at zone (AL.SW.NW)
68) Manzanillo in 'Mexico' at zone (AN.NW.SE)
69) Rizhao in 'China' at zone (AK.SE.SE)
70) Bruges in 'Belgium' at zone (AJ.NW.SW)
71) Cartagena in 'Spain' at zone (AI.SE.NE)
72) Genoa in 'Italy' at zone (AJ.SW.NW)
73) Fuzhou in 'China' at zone (AQ.NE.NE)
74) Houston in 'US' at zone (AN.NW.NE)
75) Puerto del Callao in 'Peru' at zone (AT.NE.SW)
76) Bandar-E Shahid Reajie in 'Iran' at zone (AP.NE.NE)
77) Barcelona in 'Spain' at zone (AJ.SW.NW)
78) Tacoma in 'US' at zone (AG.NE.SE)
79) Kingston in 'Jamaica' at zone (AX.SE.SE)
80) Dammam in 'Saudi Arabia' at zone (AP.NE.NE)
81) Buenos Aires in 'Argentina' at zone (A0.NW.NW)
82) Charleston in 'US' at zone (AH.SE.SW)
83) Seattle in 'US' at zone (AG.NE.SE)
84) Karachi in 'Pakistan' at zone (AQ.NW.NW)
85) Dandong in 'China' at zone (AL.SW.NW)
86) Chittagong in 'Bangladesh' at zone (AQ.NE.SW)
87) Guayaquil in 'Ecuador' at zone (AT.NE.NW)
88) Bangkok in 'Thailand' at zone (AQ.SE.NW)
89) Alexandria in 'US' at zone (AH.SE.NW)
90) Dongguan in 'China' at zone (AQ.NE.NE)
91) Southampton in 'England' at zone (AI.NE.SE)
92) Chennai (Madras) in 'India' at zone (AQ.SW.NE)
93) Taichung in 'Taiwan' at zone (Argentina.NW.NW)
94) Freeport in 'Bahamas' at zone (AN.NE.NW)
95) Mersin in 'Turkey' at zone (AJ.SE.SW)
96) Haifa in 'Israel' at zone (AJ.SE.SW)
97) Montreal in 'Canada' at zone (AH.NE.SE)
98) Zhongshan in 'China' at zone (AQ.NE.NE)
99) La Spezia in 'Italy' at zone (AJ.SW.NW)
100) Shantou in 'China' at zone (AQ.NE.NE)

The following graphs show the mean average sea level for the group.quadrant.sub-quadrant for the top ten and others in that zone.

[There are no official PSMSL tide gauge stations in zone AQ.NE.NE (rank #3, #8, #17, #73, #90, #98, #100), or in zone AK.SE.NE (rank #10):]


  1. What if the global economy collapses before SLC effects these sea ports?


    1. There is no "what if" that will stop SLC in all of civilization.

    2. Tom,

      When you indicated that phenomenon here last July "Things i'm reading are saying THIS SEPTEMBER a global financial crash happens" (Anonymous, June 22, 2015) and it came to pass of course, it did not stop SLC.

      Neither did the "Great" Depression, nor the one in 2008, nor will any other financial matter stop SLC.

      Take all the money out of the banks, shoe boxes, and pockets then throw it all into the lake or into the sea, and you will discover that it has no impact on SLC.

      The invasion will proceed for a long time regardless (Greenland & Antarctica Invade The United States, 2, 3, 4).

      The enemies of the Earth (Oil-Qaeda and its enslaved civilization) will be brought down by their own devices.

      Let's stick to the reality of science.

      Even if the Insane House passes a bill outlawing SLC it will be nothing more that noise from Bullshitistan.

  2. Time and Tides flow far longer than anything we will ever say or record. Still your seven years on record is so appreciated on human level. Records like yours are how we get to see the changes in the sea by Titanic sized industry. Acidification is our fingerprint. Oceans don't see us only our chemicals make the imprint. Money is the ink and paper and cyber supercomputer digits running this web, on electric energy from coal, oil, Uranium...a mix of all..on the rise. Chemical reactions to everything.

    SOLIVAGANT, questioning reality might be a wise course of action. It’s reflective of what’s brought society to its current condition that voicing an unpopular, different opinion brings out savage attacks on the messenger, regardless of the source of the message. ” The human mind treats a new idea the way the body treats a strange protein — it rejects it.” Strange that an idea that’s over a century old now still meets with general rejection. I like Arthur Eddington’s take on reality; something unknown is doing we don’t know what. To imagine, as Kelvin did, that we know everything, is the standard human hubris that causes us not to just ignore other points of view, but actively, violently reject them. So respect to you for putting up with the attacks from those who harbour a false sense of certainty. And for anyone who isn’t absolutely certain that they know everything...Oceans of time & chemistry will compress these computers into a thin radioactive geologic layer. (Unless the Earth gets hit by a planet fracturing force) For a nanosec we got to see 7 years of evidence gathered here. "Traveled the world and the SEVEN seas, everybody is looking for something..."

  3. "The enemies of the Earth (Oil-Qaeda and its enslaved civilization) will be brought down by their own devices."

    Happening now.

    Plummeting oil prices have this Strayan energy giant shipping LNG at about 38% below current market price. Without a 'return' to parties concerned, and big losses expected to continue, judgement day becomes closer for these firms.

    Aye! The ship is called the Methane Spirit-lol!