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Calling All Cars: The Case of the "Missing Six" - 3

Cities ignore SLC at their peril
The case of the "missing six" is getting closer to being solved, but may not need to be solved completely.

That is because, for one thing, it is likely that some of those stations are no longer functioning anyway.

BTW, the missing 6 were numbers "5,7,10,18,19, and 20" on the list in the first post of this series (Calling All Cars: The Case of the "Missing Six").

Consider these possibilities as further solutions to those "missing" from that list: Tenerife as #5, Genova as #7, Cristobal as #18, and Buenos Aires as #20.

That would leave #10 and #19, neither of which seem to be on the paper by Douglas in 1991.

All of the names of that golden 21 list (not 23), in that paper by Douglas, who Mitrovica says is very careful, are clear:
Newlyn (202)
Brest (1)
Cascais (Z - 52) sub Lisbon (1336) ?
Tenerife (Z - 1803) sub TENERIFE I (303) ?
Genova (Z - 59) sup with Genova II (2090) ?
Marseille (61)
Trieste (154)
Honolulu (155)
San Francisco (10)
Balboa (163)
Cristobal (Z - 169) sub COCO SOLO (1530) ?
Key West (188)
Aberdeen I (361) sup with Aberdeen II (Z - 21) ?
North Shields (95)
Charleston I (234)
Hampton Roads "Sewells Point" (299)
Baltimore (148)
Atlantic City (180)
New York (12)
Portland (1547)
Eastport (332)
("The Golden 21," Douglas 1991, PDF). The first 12 of the Douglas golden 21 are on the Mitrivica golden 23 list, the other 9 are not.

The currently active stations on the list are in bold, with their PSMSL station numbers following (in parentheses).

The 5 stations that are not currently active are indicated with a 'Z'.

The question as to whether or not they could be accurately supplemented or substituted is now being considered.

Anyway, another paper quoting Douglas contains a list of 27 tide gauge stations, ("the golden 27").

As you will see, a number of those stations are repeats from both the golden 21 and the golden 23:
North Sea & Eng. Channel Area
Aberdeen I (361)
Aberdeen II (Z - 21)
Newlyn (202)
Brest (1)

Atlantic Area
Cascais (Z - 52)
Lagos (Z - 162)

Mediterranean Area
Marseille (61)
Genova (Z - 59)

New Zealand Area
Auckland II (150)
Lyttelton II (259)

Pacific Area
Honolulu (155)

SW North America Area
La Jolla (256)
Los Angeles (245)

SE North America Area
Charleston I (234)
Fernandina (112)
Galveston II (161)
Miami Beach (Z - 363)
Key West (188)

NE North America Area
Eastport (332)
Newport (Z - 1832)
Halifax (96)
Annapolis (311)
Solomons Island (412)

Northern Europe Area
Stavanger (47)
Kobenhavn (82)
Nedre Gavle (Z - 99)

NW North America Area
Victoria (166)
Neah Bay (385)
Seattle (127)
("The Golden 27", PDF). Again, the currently active stations on the list are in bold, with their PSMSL station numbers following (in parentheses), and any stations that are not currently active are indicated with a 'Z'.

As I have said, I do not consider "the golden" collections to be exceptional in the sense of being more useful than other tide gauge stations.

All tide gauge stations, like weather and politics are "local" IMO, and are uniquely useful.

So, I shy away from any debilitation of individual tide gauge station characteristics when I include them in groups.

A group purpose (e.g. "global mean average") should not gloss over the reality of local monitoring of the area where a tide gauge station is located.

Historically, it is the tide gauge stations of the world which reveal, among other things, that:

World's Top Climate Scientist:
It's Worse Than We Thought

The world’s most famous climate scientist
just outlined an alarming scenario
for our planet’s future

James Hansen Spells Out
Climate Danger Of The
‘Hyper-Anthropocene’ Age

Earth’s Most Famous
Climate Scientist Issues
Sea Level Warning

If you want to get a hint as to what the U.S. Naval Academy thinks of tidal gauge stations, check out this test that has been given to cadets there (SO503).

The next post in this series is here, the previous post in this series is here.

"They didn't have a clue." -Mitrovica

"Ice streams are not like ice cubes." - Rignot

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  1. Dr. Mitrivica says, in the video, that he does not limit himself to the "golden xx," rather, he uses "hundreds" of tide gauge stations like Dredd does.