Wednesday, September 2, 2015

False Climate Change Meme Infects The President - 2

"It ain;t over 'til it's over?"
I. Background

In this series I have been pointing out mythological memes that are promoted by main stream media (McTell News) as science and as news, even though they are neither.

The news media is not giving much true information about the President's climate change trip to Alaska.

After all, there are the real news makers, the Kardasians, Trump, and shootings, so how can they talk about the President's first-time-in-history-trip for any president to the Arctic (National Geographic) ?

Nevertheless, I found some coverage of the story in the McTell News.

Like most of us, the President is unaware of the nature of climate change, that is, the part of the story in the sea level change (SLC) category.

"There is such a thing as being too late."

For one thing, deliberate suppression of the information.

For another, reality is scary as hell, "so don't tell me what I don't want to hear."

Sea level fall (SLF) is unheard of.

Since I found out about it, a short while ago, I have been posting about it.

Some bloggers have been asking me to "stop with the obsession already."

Yeah, right, my reality obsession bothers them.

Too bad, on Dredd Blog reality gets first place, junk science and similar rubbish gets last place.

II. News Coverage

In some of the inadequate coverage of the President's speeches about climate change, he was quoted as saying sea level rise (SLR) was happening because the glacier behind him was, and had been, melting.

He was in central Alaska, the news story then switched up to the Arctic circle, the camera then began showing some villages that were being destroyed by climate change.

The natives, like the President, were told (by science advisers I suppose) that global warming induced climate change in the form of SLR was the reason.


"They haven't a clue" (see the video below).

III. Sea Level Fall In Alaska

There are several reasons the sea level around Alaska is having oscillating SLC.

Sea level in Alaska, especially in the vicinity of glaciers, is falling (SLF) in the big picture.

That is because the water from glacial melt there is relocated by gravity, axial location, and the Earth's rotation (once ice-gravity diminishes).

The main problems there on the Arctic coast are: 1) the land is subsiding as the ice within the permafrost melts, then flows into rivers which then flow into the sea, and 2) the ice sheet along the Arctic coast is melting, which allows storm surges to erode the coast.

Water expands when it freezes, and when the ice in permafrost melts, the land surface goes down.

Another factor is at play in the Gulf of Alaska along the South eastern Alaska coastline.

The massive glaciers are melting, thus losing mass, thus losing gravitational influence on sea level near the coast.

The water that flows into the sea from permafrost melt, and glacier melt, enters the ocean, which at first may show up as a tiny SLR in a limited area as a result.

That is, until it is relocated, or otherwise impacted, by the forces I mentioned above (gravity, axial location, and the Earth's rotation).

Some Alaskans are aware of the SLF, but they are not aware of why ("Absolute sea level in the Gulf of Alaska has been falling").

IV. The Science

Many Dredd Blog System posts (listed on the Series Posts page, under the headings "SEA LEVEL CHANGE (SLR / SLF: Melting Ice @poles & elsewhere)" and "SEA LEVEL CHANGE (In Ports ... "its the economy ports stupid") will bring you in on the "secret" (if you are not a regular reader who has already read them).

The gist of it can be surmised in two posts (Sea Level Fall: The Forgotten Aspect of Sea Level Rise?, The Gravity of Sea Level Change).

The history behind why we have not known about SLC composed of SLR / SLF is in this post (The Authoritarianism of Climate Change).

V. Conclusion

One of the newsless reports was being given by a meteorologist who said Alaska is the only place we can really see climate change in action.

Sometimes it is really, really difficult to find the planet we are on (You Are Here - 5).

The previous post in this series is here.

Professor Jerry X. Mitrovica on the gravity / axis bulge SLR issues we don't hear about often enough:

05:00 ... an ice sheet has mass, so it has a gravity effect on the sea water around it.

18:15 ... if glaciers melt in Alaska, sea level around it will drop

14:20 ... the scientific literature points out that sea level does not rise nor fall the same all around the globe ("the European problem"). 

19:15 ... unevenness of SLR / SLF informs which ice sheet is melting (e.g. in Greenland or in Antarctica).


  1. Has Newton been banned from climate science in Washington since Dr. Mitrovica gave his presentation there?

    In the video he points out that just off the coast of Virginia is the Peak Sea Level Rise zone.

    Which means that the tidal Potomac will experience SLR and flood D.C.

    More than 13 islands have gone under as a result of sea level rise where the Potomac flows into the Chesapeake Bay Estuary/