Thursday, July 30, 2015


"Where are you Luke, I am your father. I must kill you."

Father Change Jingles In My Pocket
by Dredd

Only one thing
has changed father.

You are dead,
no more
rape and murder for you.

We are still here,
still true,
only older.

But never as old
as you were
born to be.

Cut short by your
Own life.

Our old
become younger.

the stars shine
once again.

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  1. Loved Merry Clayton's voice on the soundtrack of Performance.

    Hey this guy stole your meme!

    Understanding Oil Qaeda [i thought this was YOUR coined term]
    Posted on July 30, 2015 by Kevin Ryan

    In The Al Qaeda Network: A New Framework For DefiningThe Enemy, Katherine Zimmerman of the American Enterprise Institute describes the terrorist groups affiliated with Al Qaeda. Zimmerman is seen as a leading expert on the Al Qaeda network, having testified about it to Congress and written about it for The Washington Post, the Weekly Standard, and the Huffington Post. [more]