Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Dinosaur Discovered: Peaceful Co-existence With Our Neighbors! - 2

Breaking news! (Iran Nuclear Deal Concludes In Historic Announcement)

First Cuba, now Iran.

It is encouraging when nations work things out via diplomacy rather than military conflict.

The Donald Trump of the mideast, Netanyahu, is using warmongering rhetoric to try to impede progress.

Perhaps the honing of diplomatic skills during this two-year effort will also help in the conferences and negotiations on climate change that are approaching.

Congratulations to Secretary Kerry, President Obama, the Iranian Government, and all the diplomatic corps from several nations, who worked tirelessly to accomplish this first step.

BBC News
Google News

On another front, the New Horizons spacecraft is doing the first flyby of the dwarf planet Pluto, and its neighborhood.

America is first to have visited all planets and dwarf planets in our solar system:
"The first age of solar system exploration is in the books.

NASA's New Horizons probe flew by Pluto this morning (July 14), capturing history's first up-close looks at the far-flung world — if all went according to plan. (Mission team members won't declare success until they hear from New Horizons tonight.) Closest approach came at 7:49 a.m. EDT (1149 GMT), when the spacecraft whizzed within 7,800 miles (12,500 kilometers) of Pluto's frigid surface. To celebrate, NASA unveiled the latest photo of Pluto, showing a reddish world with a stunning heart-shaped feature on its face."
(Space dot com, cf. NASA site).

The previous post in this series is here.


  1. Robert Scribbler post from yesterday:

    At Least 20-75 Feet of Sea Level Rise Already Locked In? Putting Climate Central’s Surging Seas Into Context

    [after a quote, it begins]

    Recent reports out from Climate Central and supported by the work of experts show that a sea level rise of at least 6 meters could already be locked in. And as bad as that sounds, a six meter sea level rise from the warming already set in motion by high atmospheric greenhouse gas levels and likely to come from further human emissions could be a best-case or even unrealistic scenario.

    To get an understanding as to why so much water may be heading toward the coastal cities of the world, enough water in a 6 meter rise to set off a mass migration of hundreds of millions away from the world’s coasts (just 1.1 meters is enough to flood out 150 million people), it helps to take a good, hard look at paleoclimate. In studying past, warmer, climate states, we can get an idea how much additional sea level rise might be in store. When looking at these past climates for comparison, the key readings to keep in mind are — temperature, greenhouse gas level, and related sea level. [more]


    1. Like this post says "Perhaps the honing of diplomatic skills during this two-year effort will also help in the conferences and negotiations on climate change that are approaching."

    2. Tom,

      The article you cite to is hopium laced, and based on a scientific paper I already read recently.

      Any time I read an article that talks about "coastal nations" and "foreign nation migrations" written by a westerner, I realize it is clueless.

      As I have said ad nauseum, the critical location is from Cape Cod down to Cape Hatteras (that area already has a half meter, 1.5 ft of sea level rise).

      They have not figured out, evidently because of hopium, that civilization (What Do You Mean - World Civilization? - 2) is composed of international trade based on cargo ports built at sea level decades ago.

      A 1m sea level rise will come to ports first, will disrupt, then destroy that trade based civilization.

      That could come in a short time now (The Surge: A Forgotten Aspect of Sea Level Rise).

      What will remain, after the port failures, is isolated nations that have to trade on the continent or island they are on, rather than by sea.

      Air cargo can handle about 5% of current trade volume (Weekend Rebel Science Excursion - 44).

      Fossil fuels will no longer be deliverable by huge tankers either.

      The article you cite to, and the ones it cites to, talk about a long period of time before a 20ft SLR.

      They talk about people having to migrate when the water reaches their houses, not realizing that they will have to abandon port cities when the ports fail.

      "Civilization" based on international trade via ports will happen within 16 years according to my SLR Software, but like "the pulse 1C" of about 8,000 years ago, when sea level rose 1m in "a few years or less", it can come in a short amount of time now (Weekend Rebel Science Excursion - 45).

  2. i know - that's scribbler's thing. Despite my pointing out the obvious to him, he just refuses to abandon his optimism (but lately it's getting very hard to keep doing that).

    Here's seemorerocks (contrast the view there):


    Heavy summer rain in Greenland speeds up ice melt

    More Rain Events Speed Melt on Greenland Ice Sheet [Jason Box video]


    ps. This posting is more for your readers than you, Dredd, since i know you're all over this.

    1. Tom,

      Damn, .ater today I was going to post about that (late summer rain storms lifting & moving glaciers closer to the ocean).

      I have a draft post quoting the Guardian version of the piece.

      They (Seemorerocks & Guardian) have covered the phenomenon well, so I will quote them and do a piece about how that could affect the NEGIS (a 700 km ice stream) that flows NNE into the ocean of NE Greenland (Greenland & Antarctica Invade The United States).

      Stop by later today if you get a chance.

  3. You know i will.

    Randy: Though nothing has "worked" so far (re the IPCC talks anyway) in changing course (from business as usual), are you at all hopeful about the possibility? i don't see it happening given the current state of what's euphemistically called "government" (legal bribery) these days.