Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Ignoratti Preacher Says: "The Ice Age Cometh"

Scientist (red circle)& melt-river, Greenland
"See," say the ill-informed children of the preachers of the Oil-Qaeda mindset, "a cold ice age is approaching."

I am talking about those who look at the photo to the left and see only ice.

Conveniently they miss the raging river rapids of melt-water on top of the Greenland Ice Sheet, because they have special glasses on, furnished to them by Oil-Qaeda, which somehow makes them oblivious to the fact that the ice is doomed to become part of the ever growing melt-water rivers.

Which flow to the rising seas (Sea Level Rise Making Floods Routine for Coastal Cities).

It is like another strange psychological state of mind when people are truly freezing to death, but actually think they are warming up, so they take off their clothes and freeze to death (Phases Of An Empire Freezing To Death - 2).

Never mind that we are well into a global warming ice-melt-rage which shows up distinctly in Greenland:
Meltwater runoff from the Greenland ice sheet is a key contributor to global sea level rise and is expected to increase in the future, but it has received little observational study. We used satellite and in situ
This is not the Amazon River drainage system
technologies to assess surface drainage conditions on the southwestern ablation surface after an extreme 2012 melting event. We conclude that the ice sheet surface is efficiently drained under optimal conditions, that digital elevation models alone cannot fully describe supra-glacial drainage and its connection to subglacial systems, and that predicting outflow from climate models alone, without recognition of subglacial processes, may overestimate true meltwater release from the ice sheet.
(Greenland Ice Melt - PDF, cf. JPL, Boingboing, emphasis added). Do those "the ice man cometh" truthers have any problem with the ice-melt river system on top of the
NOAA data 2014: Click to enlarge
Greenland ice cap
, or that 2014 is likely the warmest year, globally, on record?

That "the Greenland ice sheet is a key contributor to global sea level rise and is expected to increase [in rates of melt] in the future", or that 2014 is the warmest year on record (Guardian) would seem to me to need some attention from them (Agnotology: The Surge).

Since I do not understand their psychotic denial, which leads them to lie to other people and to fight changes that would decrease green house gas emissions generated by burning fossil fuels, I have to urge them to commit themselves to an asylum for repairs (MOMCOM's Mass Suicide & Murder Pact - 5).

In some additional studies done recently, high methane levels are being looked at in various U.S. locations, e.g. Four Corners and California (Methane over LA, Four Corners).

It was already known that, in Arctic regions, methane releases are a concern for abrupt increased heating of the globe, since it is a stronger green house gas than CO2 is (Civilization Is Now On Suicide Watch - 3).

Let's be brave and publish the cartoon:


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