Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dinosaur Discovered: Peaceful Co-existence With Our Neighbors!


Wow, who would have thunk it?

Peace with Cuba after all these dark years of un-neighborly feuding!

A change of course away from the W direction to make Give Peace a Chance no longer just a song, no, it is active politics, diplomacy, and national policy!

You young people who do not remember the Cuban Missile Crisis (The Most Dangerous Moment in Recorded History), you young people who don't remember a year without war, may be asking "what is peace like?" and you might wonder "what is peace?"

Well, it is the way to not always be paranoid, to not always be spending bridge-fixing-money on weapons of mass destruction, a way to befriend other nations around the
Cuba without Gitmo !!
world, a way to bring the common good to the people everywhere.

It is the "other" option, the way out of constant war, the way out of bringing death and destruction to living people, which you have seen year in and year out.

It is a way to be healthier in our minds and hearts, a way to breathe easier each day.

But brace yourselves for the warmongering, torture loving, cultural dogs who walk among us who hate peace.

They will froth at the mouth for awhile, they will snarl with rabid words of hate.

They thought that the dinosaur we call peace was just a myth.

Resist them!

We may even be able to get rid of torture on the island of Cuba now ... yes! ... CLOSE GITMO ... the darkest place on the beautiful Caribbean isle.

Give peace a chance!

Give Peace a Chance, John Lennon


  1. Nice expose' Dredd.


  2. Seems like the U.S. government would want to close GITMO fast.

    Because when the dorky pundit class talks about human rights violations in Cuba don't they know that we have been torturing people on the island of Cuba at Guantanamo Bay?

  3. The top Pentagonian wants to close the "psychological scar" known as GITMO (Gen. Martin Dempsey Calls For Guantanamo Closure).

  4. There is some talk of a diary about events at GITMO.kept by a former torturee (link)